7 Creative Outfit Ideas for a Striking Pregnancy Photoshoot


Whether you are a first-time mom-to-be or pregnant with your second (third or more!) child, these nine months are undeniably wondrous and life-changing. While all women embrace pregnancy with grace, there is no doubt that a lot goes into it.

You can fit into your favorite clothes, cannot take any medicine when you are ill, may not be able to hold your cravings, and your bladder is always full because it cannot bear the baby’s weight. Despite this, think of the excitement and joy that is going to come with your child.

As your belly gets bigger, it might become a challenge for you to watch your body grow incredibly. However, a maternity photo session allows you to focus on the new life that your body is creating. Creative outfit ideas for pregnancy photoshoot sessions are essential to cherish the photos of this special time of anticipation and new beginnings.

Why Choosing the Right Outfit Matters

Choosing a maternity photoshoot should be a fun experience. While everything is growing rounder, wider, and weirder, your maternity outfits do matter. After all, it is all about the belly. So choose an outfit that highlights it.

Before you begin selecting your outfit, select the style and theme of your photoshoot. Remember, a maternity photoshoot takes hours to finish. It is advised that you choose an outfit that you are comfortable in.

Choosing the right outfit should be a time of celebration and not stress. So here is a curated list of creative outfit ideas for maternity photoshoots that you can choose from.

Bohemian Beauty

A flowy Bohemian gown is the most beautiful dress idea that can turn pictures into stunning ones. Imagine the beauty of blooming motherhood amidst a picturesque flower field. Flowing fabrics dramatize your stunning look in the picture and flaunt your feminine figure perfectly. 

If it is an outdoor shoot, try choosing bold colors that highlight the belly. You can accessorize your outfit with a sleek floral tiara.

Vintage Vibes

You can opt for a classic vintage vibe to capture timeless beauty. Embrace the bygone era by creating stunning black and white silhouettes that highlight the natural curves of the expectant’s body. Opt for a minimalist white background and pastel shade dress. Vintage-inspired themes evoke a sense of elegance and grace.

For a touch of nostalgia, incorporate vintage elements like sepia tones, backgrounds with old-fashioned streets, classic cars or vintage homes.

Beach Bliss

A maxi dress is every photographer’s best choice even if you are not pregnant. They look amazing with a backdrop of waves and sunset. Since maternity shoot ideas require showing off the bump, adding some shape and form-fitting style to your dress in the bust will be most flattering. A deeper neckline can be a bit more flashy than you expect for your shoot. After all, there is nothing wrong with flaunting what you’ve got!

Urban Chic

If you are someone who has been making pregnancy clothing a style statement, this look is for you. It is all about being pregnant in style and just all around gorgeous! With cityscapes, graffiti walls or rooftops, and bold backdrops, add a modern edgy touch with long boots or heels. You may even choose to write a personalized message in the graffiti.

Cozy Comfort

Celebs are already setting high standards for maternity photoshoots to be super-glamorous. However, try setting up a comfy couch or bed photoshoot for a more intimate feel,. A casual, cozy setup for a family maternity photoshoot for capturing those emotional moments.

Choose an oversized sweater with leggings in soft textures for an indoor shoot with coffee, books, and a cozy fireplace Just an all-in-one moment with family.

Classic Elegance

Flow lacy outfits are a fantastic option too. They immediately create long lines and give your body image plenty of motion. Beyond that, adjusting the extra fabric allows to creation of multiple flattering silhouettes. If you are taking photos lush summer backgrounds, avoid wearing lacy outfits. Rather lacy outfits is a great option for thick rust, burgundy, and forest green backdrops. Nude tones usually work well against a variety of backdrops. 

Black being a naturally slimming color is not a good option for a maternity shoot. It hides the bump altogether. If you still wish to grace timeless elegance in black, choose a tight body-hugging dress. Try to keep things simple. Skip bold textured laces and opt for subtle patterns. To make photos more dynamic, add a few monochrome settings like pianos or an elegant home backdrop.

Cultural Tribute

If you are someone who loves to follow traditions, ditch stylish maternity dress and opt for cultural attire. Recently, Rubina Dilaik garnered a lot of love for her pregnancy photoshoot where she adorned a traditional attire. While outfits pay homage to one’s cultural roots or heritage, it make a strong statement of passing on tradition from one generation to the other. You may choose to include a miniature of Lord Krishna in your shoot. Certainly, values shall always be held close 

Plan Your Photoshoot

Surely you are counting on the days until your little bundle of joy arrives! You might be excited, nervous, or just ready for your sweet baby to be here. You may be conscious of the way your body looks or may not be sure of which maternity photographer to choose. Of course, you need to make a decision that’s right for you and your needs, choose maternity photoshoot ideas, and discuss them with your photographer to make it unique before you begin your search for the best outfit. Many of the photos are elevated with the right outfit and backdrop to support them. Instead of packing your schedule further to visit multiple locations, come to Elements.

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