Creating Stunning Baby Portraits: Tips and Tricks


Do you plan on capturing the picture-perfect shot of your newborn baby? While the results can be extremely rewarding, the process itself is very challenging. 

To help you wonderful parents out, we have compiled a list of some tips and tricks to get that stunning baby portrait that you so desire. 

So, buckle up and enjoy the ride with us! 

The Importance of Baby Photography 

Photographing your newborn can help you capture precious moments and preserve those memories for a lifetime. 

A photoshoot can help you document your child’s growth, innocence, and milestones. The images that you snap of the fleeting moments can strengthen the emotional bonds within the family, allowing everyone to truly celebrate the beauty of new life. 

And it doesn’t hurt when you are looking at the gorgeous album fifty years from now, a bright smile on your grown-up baby next to you. 

Preparing for a Baby Photoshoot 

Unlike in the case of usual photo sessions, you will actually need to pre-plan your photoshoot to breathe life into your candid baby portrait ideas

You have to select an age-appropriate theme, create a stunning backdrop, and get complementary props to make the images look even better. 

Here’s what you need to do: 

Choosing the Right Baby Photography Props 

The best way to improve the aesthetics of your baby portrait is to sprinkle some adorable props in the setting. Ideally, you should go for soft, safe, and non-toxic props that are proportionate to the baby’s size and age. 

It’s easy to get your hands on accessories like wraps, cute hats, or textured blankets to keep your newborn safe and warm. You can also go for theme-relevant props like fairytale wings, toy wands, nature baskets, and more. 

Keep it simple and consistent. Don’t make the mistake of getting a bit of everything. That will just make the portrait look all over the place. Stick to a theme and get items related to that.

For example, if you prefer outdoor baby portrait settings, artificial flowers, picnic props, and baskets would be ideal. In such a case, avoid large props to make the picture look more natural. 

Setting the Scene for Newborn Photography 

When you are done with the props, the next step is to create a wonderful setting for the baby portrait. This is crucial for ensuring that you click the most amazing, beautiful images.

To help you out with that, we have some effective baby portrait lighting tips for you. An important detail to remember – natural light works best. 

More often than not, your baby portrait backgrounds should be minimalistic. Try neutral-colored blankets or soft fabrics – they will ensure that the entirety of the focus is on your baby. 

At the same time, it’s important to make the newborn feel warm and comfortable. By combining all these tips and the subsequent results, you can truly make your baby’s essence shine through in the photographs. 

Mastering Baby Photograph Poses 

There’s no photography without a little bit of posing, is there? But the problem arises when your baby simply refuses to do anything for the camera. 

Feel the frustration? Thankfully, there’s always a workaround for all these issues. 

To help you out, we have some great pose ideas that you can implement. They will mostly work on all occasions, whether you are planning to capture first-year baby portrait milestones or a simple photo shoot to commemorate a new life. 

Poses for Newborns 

Newborns are highly delicate and need to be treated with caution. During photoshoots, it’s important to keep them as comfortable as they can be. 

There are some secure poses that you can try to keep your newborn happy and content during the photo session. 

The first one that you should try out is the swaddled pose. Simply pick a soft and comfy wrap and burrito your baby inside. For maximum safety, you can opt to tuck the hands of the little one inside the wrap. That always makes for an adorable picture! 

The second pose that you can try is the “tushy up” pose. This is a little harder to achieve. Simply have your newborn lie on their belly with crossed legs. Allow the photographer to adjust the tushy and fingers of the baby to get that picture-perfect portrait. 

If the baby is not posing as per your expectations, try getting a close-up of the newborn’s eyes, mouth, nose, and fingers. These are the features that highlight a child’s innocence and beauty. 

Finally, if you want to be included in the photoshoot, we have some ideas as well. You can hold or interact with the newborn to click some emotional and candid photos. 

Tucking the baby against your chest, inside your arms, and other similar poses can look extremely beautiful and adorable. 

Poses for Older Babies 

Older babies are easier to handle during a photoshoot. Don’t get us wrong – they can be extremely challenging as well. But with newborns, there are some limitations that toddlers simply don’t share. 

If your baby is around three months old, the perfect pose is to make them lie on their belly and look into the camera. The baby’s natural expression will be that of curiosity and happiness, creating the perfect snapshot of the starting milestones. 

For toddlers above one year, using furniture-based props can be great for posing. Simply sit them down on a chair, prop, or stool to get the most natural photograph. You can even dress them up in various outfits to elevate the look further. 

Tips and Tricks for Stunning Baby Portraits 

Capturing the perfect baby picture is about more than just the pose and the prop. There are some other factors at play that you need to control.

In most cases, parents really have to make the best out of a couple of shots to make the photo session a success.

To help them out, here are some essential tips and tricks that you can implement to get that calendar-worthy snapshot of your newborn. 

Lighting Techniques for Baby Photography 

Getting the lighting right is essential for a successful baby photoshoot. If you are doing everything at your home on your own, it’s best to rely on sunlight to get the best effects. 

But at a studio, there are some amazing lighting techniques that you can enjoy. For the first tip, always make sure that the light source is directed at the baby’s head. That ensures the top-to-bottom effect, illuminating the baby’s face and avoiding any unwanted shadows. 

You can also use some of these lighting techniques to elevate the overall result: 

  • Rembrandt Lighting: One side of the baby is completely lit while the other is only partially lit, creating a beautiful contrast. 
  • Broad & Short Lighting: Broad lighting is when you illuminate the better part of the newborn’s body with studio lights. Short lighting, in contrast, is when the majority of the subject is kept in shadows. Both of them are appealing in their own ways. 
  • Backlighting: Backlighting is a technique in which the cameraman is positioned opposite to the light source. This method yields a creamy-textured lighting that can look beautiful on babies. 

Capturing the Perfect Moment 

Newborn photography can be a patient task. You have to be observant to capture the perfect snapshot-worthy moment. Anticipate and look out for natural moments, like a baby’s smile or their tender gaze. Do not keep forcing poses until you wear the baby out. 

One good tip for this is to keep the environment as calm and comfortable as you can. That will allow the baby to relax and express their emotions naturally. 

The photographer should be ready to click the shutter whenever one of the emotions is expressed – curiosity, joy, tranquility, or anything else. 

To evoke emotions, you can also interact with the baby, making funny noises or playing gentle melodies. If you are photographing on your own, you can even opt to work with fast shutter speeds to capture fleeting moments of adorable expressions. 


So, that’s a wrap! We have given you the ultimate guide on how to create that picture-perfect, magazine-esque baby portrait of your newborn beauty. It’s your turn to put the ideas to life. 

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What is the best age for a baby’s first portrait? 

Ideally, you should plan a photo session for your baby during the first year of their life. That is the time when they achieve the very first of their milestones – from making the first goo-gaa sounds to crawling away on the floor. 
You can book photoshoot sessions when the baby is just a few days or a few weeks old. That’s because at this age, newborns are quite sleepy and will mostly remain in a curled-up position, making it easier to photograph them. 
However, there are no strict rules. As long as the baby is comfortable and secure during the photoshoot session, you can bring them in as early or as late as you would look to get charming portraits. 

How to choose the right backdrop for a baby portrait? 

Opt for simple and neutral colors like soft pastels, beige, or light grey. Avoid busy or complex patterns that might take the focus away from the baby. You can also go for textured fabrics or solid, seamless backdrops that work well with babies. 

How to capture candid moments in baby portraits? 

Create a relaxed environment for the baby to allow them to express themselves naturally. You can also interact with the baby or play with them to elicit natural reactions. The continuous shooting mode on the camera can allow you to capture these fleeting moments effectively. 

Are black and white baby portraits still popular? 

Yes, black and white portraits are still considered charming. Removing colour from the pictures can emphasise the baby’s features, expressions, and emotions, creating a classic and artistic look. 

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