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Bangalore's Biggest & the Best venue for Pre wedding, Post wedding, Maternity, Baby, Matrimonial and Fashion shoots

Welcome to Elements, a breathtaking pre-wedding photo shoot location where love blossoms amidst lush greenery, creating a romantic and dreamy sanctuary for couples. Enveloped in nature’s embrace, our enchanting garden sets the stage for an ethereal fairy tale experience, as you and your beloved create memories that will last a lifetime. As twilight descends, the garden transforms into a magical realm, illuminated by twinkling fairy lights that cast a warm, celestial glow over your intimate moments. Step into the world of Elements and let your love story unfold in this surreal haven of timeless beauty.

Over 160 stunning backdrops to take your pre wedding shoot in Bangalore experience to the next level.

For location with common/shared changing room : Tariffs start from ₹ 2490/- per hour.
For location with separate changing room : Tariffs start from ₹ 4900/-

WEEKDAYS (Location booking with separate room)WEEKENDS (Location booking with separate room)
 5 am to 9 am – ₹ 7900 5 am to 9 am – ₹ 8400
 6:30 am to 12 pm – ₹ 6900
 6:30 am to 12 pm – ₹ 7400
 9.30 am to 12 pm – ₹ 4900 
 1 pm to 4 pm – ₹ 6900
 4 pm to 8 pm – ₹ 11,900
 9.30 am to 12 pm –  ₹ 5400
 1 pm to 4 pm – ₹ 7400
 4 pm to 8 pm – ₹ 12,400
 1 pm to 8 pm – ₹ 12,900

 1 pm to 8 pm – ₹ 13,400

 Combined slots : 
 Combined slots : 
 5 am to 12 pm – ₹ 8,900
 5 am to 12 pm – ₹ 9,400
 9.30 am to 8 pm – ₹ 14,900 9.30 am to 8 pm – ₹ 15,400

 5 am to 8 pm: ₹ 17,400

 5 am to 8 pm: ₹ 17,900
 6 am to 8 pm : ₹ 15,400 6 am to 8 pm : ₹ 15,900

*Prices subject to change without prior notice. 

A 2% platform/booking fee will be charged on the total amount of the ticket.

Client Testimonials

Sagar Gowda

Elements Bangalore

One of the best heavenly places for photography in Bangalore, we love this place very much, we enjoyed our pre wedding photography and we strongly recommend it to our family and friends. The management is very helpful and special thanks to Mr. Paresh.

Arvind Kannan

Elements on East Coast, Chennai

One of the coolest wedding shooting spot.. Must try once in your photo shoot.. Then you'll feel the comfortable Experience📸. 

Abul a bull

Elements Palm Valley, Coimbatore

First of it's kind in Pollachi, great place for people who are looking for a spot to take photographs of pre wedding, post wedding and maternity.. Each and every property is very attractive and stupendous..  

Aruna Yerramsetty

The Nawab's Garden, Hyderabad

I had a great experience. The rooms were really neat and there are many good locations to shoot. Definitely visiting again❤️

You can book individual slots or combine two or more time slots to get more time at Elements. Rooms are provided only for the time slots booked and cannot be reserved standalone prior to the booked shoots timings.
1. Access to all backdrops. 2. One basic changing room as part of the package. All rooms are air-conditioned with a mirror and chair provided. Most rooms have attached bathrooms and some rooms require the guests to use common washrooms. If you have opted for a common(sharing) changing room, please adhere to the terms & conditions. 3. Access to the swimming pool 4. Decorative lighting (supported by two generators) from 5:15 am to 6:15 am and from 6.30 pm to 8 pm. Since Elements shuts at 8 pm, the decorative lights will be shut at 8 pm. 5. In case of rain, the lights will not be switched on (for safety reasons).

1. We sanitize the common touchpoints – Door handles, taps, common taps, props and the room keys on a regular basis. In addition, the room is completely sanitized after each use.
2. Our staff are checked daily for temperature.
3. Our property is three acres of landscaped gardens. Social distancing is automatically a process given that the property is huge.
4. Your safety is of paramount importance to us. We thank you for choosing Elements.

Get out of the boring class photo backdrop and step into the world of Elements.

If you have been looking to take out your class students for a fun trip, look no further. Elements Bangalore boasts of replicas like the Hampi, and other stunningly unique and aesthetically pleasing set ups. Get yourself clicked with your students and leave beautiful memories with them.

Packages start from ₹4900 per person, meal and beverage included.

Call or whatsapp 84311 90744


IMP : 

  1. Please note that make up starts at 9.30 am, so we request you to be on time if you buy this package. 
  2. Accessories and footwear shown in the men/women dress rentals are not included.

IMP : 

  1. Please note that make up starts at 1 pm, so we request you to be on time if you buy this package. 
  2. Accessories and footwear shown in the men/women dress rentals are not included.

Bundling - Terms & Conditions :

The future pre-wedding shoots must be booked by calling us, at least a week in advance. The slots are subject to availability.

Special Offers from our partners :

What else can you book?

Looking for a Baby Photoshoot in Bangalore?

Blessed with a baby recently ? Let us help you plan that special photoshoot session to capture the moments of your cute little one. At Elements Baby – we have put together 18 fixed set ups apt for your adorable little one, in an indoor environment. We also have moveable backdrops and props to set up your own special frame.

Why reserve a room?

We have different types of rooms at Elements. You need to reserve ONLY if you are particular about the room type that is provided. If unreserved – you will be provided with the type of room that is available on your event date.

Reserve a room (121 sq ft) with attached washroom and bed - ₹ 590 from 5 am to 8 pm

Reserve a room (80 sq ft) with attached washroom starting from only - ₹ 390 onwards

There are 2 canteens operating in the parking lot where food and beverages can be bought. There are other food outlets a few minute drive away from the venue. Outside food is allowed. We have an aqua guard filter available at the premises. Please carry your own water bottles.


Smoke Colour Bombs  – 5 pcs at ₹ 790

CAUTION : Please note that smoke bombs need to be handled with care. This is purchased and used at your risk.

Props (each set can be rented for half an hour)

Props Set 1 – ₹ 400 – Bouquet, Hats for Man and woman, Sash for Bride to Be and Groom to be, 2 masks
Props Set 2 – ₹ 400 – 2 pairs of sunglasses, 1 umbrella, 2 masks and one heart shaped pillow
Props Set 3 – ₹ 400 – Guitar, 1 placard (Save the date),  1 Symbol (I love you), Sheriffs Hat, Plastic Gun, Plastic Handcuffs

Combo Offer (Prop Set 1 + Prop Set 2 + Prop Set 3) – Priced at ₹800, you get all 3 sets of props mentioned above. 

Other props :

Kitchen Props 1 @ ₹ 390
Kitchen Props 2 @ ₹ 390
Kitchen Combo offers @ ₹ 790
Gym Props @ ₹ 90
Cricket Props @ ₹ 290
Tennis Props @ ₹ 190

Book Campfire at just ₹500 – You can book a campfire at just ₹ 500 and the same will be arranged at the venue for a maximum of 15-20 minutes only.

We do not provide photographers. We are only the photoshoot location, not a resort.

Additional rooms cost ₹2,000 per room and can only be booked on-site on the day of the shoot and are subject to availability.


We allow only 8 people per ticket including the couple, photographers and make up artists. Additional guests will be charged at ₹700 per head up to a maximum of of 4 guests including children. This amount is non-refundable.

Timings – The venue opens at 5 am and closes at 8 pm.

Prebook – Please book as soon as your date is decided as we are sold out most days.

We are a photoshoot location – Our rooms are basic changing rooms with air conditioning and mirrors.

Specific Rooms – You can reserve rooms with additional washrooms and a bed, or additional washrooms only at ₹ 990 or ₹ 690 respectively for the whole day. If this is not booked, rooms will be allotted on a first come first serve basis.

Returning the Keys – All slots must be pre-booked. Please hand over your keys at the end of the time slot. If you lose the keys, a penalty of ₹300 will be charged.

Adhere to the timings – Please keep to the time slot that you booked for, to prevent inconvenience to other customers. If slots are available you can extend at ₹2500 per additional hour. The 3 and 6 hour slots are designed for clients who visit multiple locations in one day. If you need to shoot at all parts of our property, we advise that you book the whole day. It is not possible to shoot all the 130 backgrounds even for the whole day.

Drones guidelines – Drones are allowed only within certain areas of Elements and not outside our perimeter. The neighbors will complain if the drone flies over their property and they may confiscate the drone or charge ₹1000.

Upkeep of the gardens – Please note that cleaning and watering of the gardens will happen from time to time to keep the venue pristine for you. We are proud to say that regardless of time of the year, Elements is one of the greenest and undoubtedly the best photoshoot location in Bangalore!

Extension of slots – Extension beyond the booked slot is subject to availability of rooms. If rooms are not available, extension may be possible provided the room key is handed over. This is however, subject to the sole discretion of Elements Management.

No lighting available for the 6 am to 12 pm slot. Only indoor lighting is available in the Bridal Villa. The Bridal Villa closes at 7.30 p.m.

Campfire : Campfire is only available from 6 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.

Contact Us

Call/WhatsApp : +91-96060-78869,+91-96060-78874

Working Hours : 5 am to 8 pm. You may call us anytime  between 8 am to 8 pm.

Email : elementsphotoshoots@gmail.com

Address : 21st Kilometre, Kanakapura Road,
Opposite Art of Living International Centre,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103

Bookings : You MUST book online. The ticket will be emailed to you along with the QR code. You need to show the ticket to our staff on the day of the shoot.

IMPORTANT : Upto 8 people are allowed including the photographers, make up artists and children. Your friends and family are welcome to accompany you to Elements but we would request them not to shoot selfies or photographs against our backgrounds as this will increase the waiting time for the other couples, and will also interfere in their frames.