Maternity Photoshoot Places in Chennai for the Most Amazing Pictures

Becoming a mother is a memorable experience in a woman’s life. Although nine months may feel like a long time, things suddenly speed up, and even before you know it, your little bundle of joy might be in your arms. And that’s when you will miss your baby bump and wish you had preserved those precious moments of pregnancy. A maternity photoshoot, also called a pregnancy photoshoot, is one of the most wonderful ways to commemorate two beautiful lives under one skin. Here are the best maternity photoshoot places in Chennai that you need to consider:

Elements on East Coast, Chennai

This is Chennai’s top-quality photoshoot location located on East Coast Road. This property is close to the beach and boasts 50 backgrounds along with verdant lawns and landscaped gardens spread across an area of 30, 000 square feet. Through their backdrops, the location gives you the feel of many eras, from the Victorian to the corridors of an old Indian palace. You also get lighting facilities in the mornings and the evenings that will help you reap further benefits of your maternity photoshoot. Decorative lights that lit up the grand sets and gardens offer a fairy tale experience to the clients. Make Photographs because that’s how you create and sustain memories. We at Elements Celebrate are here to help you freeze those moments in the best way possible. 

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Mylapore’s sacred and cultural venues make it one of the most amazing maternity photoshoot places in Chennai. You can head to the Arulmigu Kapaleshwar Temple, which features an intricately decorated tower in a pyramid shape, and it offers the most wonderful background for a maternity photoshoot.

Mylapore even has Luz Church as one of the best maternity photoshoot places in Chennai. This colonial-era building features elaborately frescoed interiors. Then there’s Santhome Cathedral, which makes Mylapore a gorgeous destination for maternity photoshoots. This Gothic-style cathedral is widely visited by couples who want to grab some stunning pictures during their maternity, pre-wedding, and even post-wedding photoshoots.

Huddleston Gardens

Huddleston Gardens is an exquisitely landscaped garden on the southern coast of the Adyar River in Adyar, Chennai. If you want the best maternity photoshoot location in Chennai, then Huddleston Gardens is the best. This outdoor photoshoot location in Chennai is popular for its beautiful Mahogany trees; pure waters of the Adyar River; ancient Church; melodious sounds of birds, and a 450-old Banyan tree. This is one of the ideal maternity photoshoot places in Chennai to shoot candid videos and pictures of your baby bump amidst nature and history.

Armenian Church

The Saint Mary Church in Chennai is popular, called Armenian Church, and it makes one of the best maternity photoshoot locations in the city because of its exceptional architecture and serene vibe. Built in 1712 and rebuilt in 1772, the Armenian Church is one of the oldest churches in the Indian subcontinent. The place is a true gem for professional photographers. 

RTO Beach (Thiruvanmiyur)

Chennai is famous for its beaches, which are the perfect places for maternity photoshoots. One of the greatest advantages of scheduling a maternity photoshoot at the Chennai beaches is that they are not very crowded and offer the ideal setting for the perfect shot. The RTO beach in Thiruvanmiyur provides the ideal setting to capture photos with the beautiful sea in the background. You can arrange your maternity photoshoot at this place anytime, be it during the yellow sunrise, orange evening or the blue noon.

Pondy Bazaar

One of the best choices for couples who want to photograph their pregnancy on Chennai’s busy streets, Pondy Bazaar creates magic in photographs captured at night. During the early hours of the day, between 12 am and 3 am, the well-lit streets of this market offer the ideal environment for night-time photography.

Hidden Lake

Wild flora surrounds Chennai’s hidden lake, is popular for its rocky cliffs and sunrise and sunset views. Ideal for creative photography and evening camps, this adventure-filled place will help you capture maternity photos that you and your family members will simply love to cherish throughout your life.

Ennore Harbour

Though it is not permissible to click pictures in the harbour, the road running along the sea coast from the ETPS pier to Bharathiyar Beach offers some of the best sports for maternity photography.


Which month of maternity shoot is best?

Different photographers have their preferences about when to schedule a maternity photoshoot. Nevertheless, most professional photographers recommend arranging maternity photoshoots between the 30th and 36th week, which generally falls between the 7th and 8th months of pregnancy.

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