10 Must-Have Props for a Picture-Perfect Pregnancy Photoshoot


Expecting parents often seek unique and memorable ways to celebrate their pregnancy journey. Surely, nurturing another life in your body is not easy. Every woman who embraces pregnancy witnesses changes in her body and it is important to be proud of it. 

Captivating photoshoots allows mothers to showcase the beauty, grace, and incredible miracle of life they carry within. To create truly enchanting maternity photos, incorporating pregnancy photoshoot props enhances the theme and ambiance.

While snuggles and giggles are on the way, here are 10 must-have photoshoot props that will add visual interest to your feelings for your baby.

Comfortable Silhouette

There is no better way to feel confident of your body than dressing in comfortable clothes, rather than choosing something from the trends. Maxi dresses are super comfortable and can be photographed beautifully. 

A long dress or a dress with a long trail can give lots of options to show off your bump. However, if you have a small bump, you may add a sleek belt placed right under the bosom, where the belly starts. You may carry the belt with any shirt dress or long maxi.

Prints and patterns can be overwhelming in photos. You and your bump should take center stage. So choose solid colors for your pregnancy photoshoot dresses and if you feel they are boring, bring in some neckline accessories.

Pretty booties

Tiny kicks and big dreams! Including baby shoes or booties in the maternity photoshoot delicately placed over the belly, brings forth anticipation of the little one’s arrival. It symbolizes the joy and excitement of stepping into parenthood.

Soft pastel shades or vibrant colors add a pop of charm to the photographs.

Ultrasound Image

Indeed it is a special time for mothers, but including an ultrasound photo ideas makes it memorable. Seeing the baby outside the belly and from a digital image is a fun way to showcase both views of a new baby!

If possible, bring many ultrasound images from different months to show the different stages of growth.

Personalized Items

If you want a personal and heartfelt touch, try incorporating sentimental items and keepsakes in maternity photoshoots. Personalized maternity props like chalkboard signs with messages or pregnancy-related milestones, baby’s name boards or gender revelations, serve as wonderful props to convey emotions, express anticipation, and make announcements while adding individuality and charm.

Handmade Knits and Blankets

Little feet are already making you experience big adventures. Adding a knit or a blanket handcrafted with love to maternity photoshoot props will add emotions to the pictures. Draping them around the belly can help to give that cozy feel, just as cozy as the baby feels in the womb.

Nature Elements

Adding some natural elements to the photoshoot makes it refreshing. You may match your dress with a floral tiara or a very natural bouquet. You may add a boho floral belt over the belly.

If you are wearing a silhouette with a revealing belly, use lash glue to stick some flowers on the soon-to-be mama’s belly to create a flower design. Just as flowers blossom, your little bundle of joy will grow to cuddle in your arms soon.

Storybooks and Toys

If you are a first-time mom, you’ve probably spent a lot of time reading up on all things baby. You can use those books in a photoshoot to create a memory of how concerned you are to transform from a young bubbly girl to a concerned mother.

Right from the time you get the pregnancy news, your cravings to shop for a baby rise. You must have purchased your child’s first set of clothes, storybooks, or stuffed toys. Your child’s first toy is extra special, use them as maternity photography accessories. You can choose to snuggle the soft toy or have a romper in the background. You and your partner may also choose to grab one hand and make the bear the focal point.

Jewellery and Heirlooms

For every woman, heirloom jewellery is more than just a piece of metal and stone. It symbolizes love, heritage, and memories passed down through generations. Try to include jewelry and heirlooms that are associated with family traditions and mark important milestones—the importance of family traditions and legacies.

Letter or Message to the Baby

Every parent has a unique bond with the young one. Show the love and excitement of your growing family with handwritten notes and wishes for the baby. 

You can write messages of love, anticipation, or dreams on a piece of paper, chalkboard, on the belly, or on a tree bark (if it is an outdoor location). These heartfelt messages add a personal touch and become a cherished keepsake for years to come.

Partner and Sibling Participation

Every family has their unique bond. Involve your partner, parents, elder kid, and pets in the family maternity photoshoot. Your partner can embrace your belly by kneeling and gently kissing the belly, and interacting lovingly. Include your elder kid by holding a signboard with an announcement of the baby’s arrival.

Bring your confidence! A pregnancy maternity photoshoot is all about you and you are the star! Make it your chance to slay your beauty. Glow with shine and bring in confidence because you are growing a life in you.

Schedule your maternity photoshoot in the third trimester! The best time typically falls between the 28th and 36th weeks of pregnancy as the baby bump is beautifully noticeable and usually round! Book a skilled photographer who understands the vision.

Choose a skilled photographer who understands the vision and your priorities for a location that suits your style and concept. Inform your photographer about the pregnancy photoshoot props you feel must be there in the photoshoot, after all, it is your day. 

Choose a studio location with some properties and good and flattering lighting. While indoor studios are suitable for year-round sessions, outdoor studios help to explore a variety of backgrounds.

Just enjoy the experience and go with the flow. Relax, be yourself, and have fun creating beautiful memories that you can cherish for years to come!

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