8 Traditional Bridal Photoshoot Poses That You’ll Love!


Capture the essence of tradition and elegance with these 8 traditional bridal photoshoot poses that are sure to leave you mesmerised! Whether you’re a bride-to-be or a photographer looking for inspiration, these timeless poses will bring out the radiance and beauty of any bride. From the classic ‘Bride and Groom Hand Hold‘ to the stunning ‘Veil Reveal’, these poses exude grace and sophistication. Let your inner queen shine through with these exquisite poses that will make your bridal photoshoot a truly unforgettable experience. Get ready to strike a pose and create memories that will last a lifetime! 


Apart from the anxiousness of starting a new life with her partner, a million things are running around behind that calm face she portrays. If you are one of them or are a friend looking to lighten their burden, here are some traditional bridal photoshoot poses for the special lady that guarantees fantastic results!

Smile Please!

“Will the décor be as I instructed?” “I hope I look good in my attire.” “I hope everyone enjoys.” We urge the bride to put these questions in the background and focus on the occasion.

Remind yourself about all the events that bought you here, and imagine what good lies ahead. As the loving memories flood your heart, a genuine smile will make its way forward. That’s one of the timeless Indian bridal poses for the photoshoot, yet the most beautiful. 

Overhead Dupatta

One of the classic poses for bridal shoot in India involves a dupatta in some shape or form. It’s a simple piece of clothing that emits grace.

There are many ways to implement this idea. The overhead dupatta is a great one. The bride takes the dupatta before her face while the photographer takes an overhead shot. Alternatively, they can click from the front while she strikes a candid pose. Medium and close-up shots work best for this.

Focus on The Jewellery

An Indian bride is often decked with jewellery, giving her a regal look. It only makes sense to draw special attention to it in the photos. 

While close shots work the best, there are two major ways to go about it. The first is to put the jewellery in an open case or on a nice backdrop that creates contrast, making the colours pop out. The other is to click it when the bride is wearing them. The latter allows you to make her interact with the piece and make the picture come to life. 

Fixing the Attire

Looking at an Indian bride’s outfit is like looking at art. You can see a hundred things to highlight and appreciate—from the craftsmanship on her lehenga to the on-point make-up and everything in between.  

Fixing any part of this outfit can get you great pictures. Here are a few options to get you going: A simple lift of the lehenga from one side as you look down, tilting your head and fixing your earing or looking sideways while you fix your bangles. Some term this as one of the most plandid traditional poses for the Indian bride, but who cares? It looks great in the album!

Interactions & Candids

They say the wedding is a union of two people, but we all know the bride is this show’s star! 

Being so, you’ll always find her interacting with someone or the other, be it friends or relatives. This gives the perfect opportunity to capture some candid laughs and interactions. The more spectrum of emotions you can cover, the better. 

Here We Twirl!

When in doubt, just twirl it out. And Yes, this advice works!

It might be one of the most traditional bridal photoshoot poses, but it promises gorgeous results. The concept is simple on paper, the bride twirls with her lehenga, and the photographer clicks as the shot opens up. However, two key elements to get the perfect twirl photograph are backdrop and timing. The perfect backdrop creates a vivid picture as it blurs into the background, giving the bride her space to shine. The right timing is when the bride faces the camera and the twirl is at a good height. 

Let There Be Light

Props help elevate the picture by giving the subject things to interact with, and light-emitting props are amazing for bridal pictures. 

Fairy lights around the bride create an elegant picture as the lights blend into the background. You can add a traditional touch by replacing fairy lights with Diyas. The bride can sit between a few Diyas arranged in a pattern for a sideways, straight, or overhead shot. She can also interact with the Diya by looking at it or holding one in her hand—both are good for close-up shots.

Run Baby Run

Can’t say this one’s a classic, but considering the Indian attire for the wedding, it can get you some of the dreamiest shots.

With a reasonable distance between you and the photographer and your partner in sight, lift your lehenga and run towards him. Ask the photographer to take burst shots and choose the one in which you are smiling and running toward the love of your life. Another variation is a distance shot with the same concept with you and your partner in a single frame.  

Most of the bridal photoshoot ideas rely heavily on a good backdrop. What if we tell you we have an alternative to travelling hours at a stretch to reach decent backdrops?

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What are some classic poses for a traditional bridal photoshoot?

The classic poses revolve around a bride’s smile, her attire, and how she is feeling for her special day. Candid shots, fixing/interacting with their attire and close-up shots are a few to name.

Can you suggest poses that highlight traditional bridal attire and jewelry?

You can refer to our point above to see what poses you can try and what you should keep in mind while pulling focus towards bridal attire and jewelry. 

How can I add elegance and grace to my poses for a traditional bridal shoot?

Three factors determine elegance and grace in your poses. Your facial expressions, your attire and the backdrop. To add more of it, you need to focus on improving any one or all three factors.

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