5 Simple Poses to Make Your Maternity Photoshoot Stunning


Pregnancy is a momentous event; a maternity photoshoot is the best way to immortalize that! And it becomes even more special when you choose striking poses that capture the essence and beauty of motherhood. Chances are that the mama-to-be is already documenting her pregnancy journey, but why not go that extra mile and commemorate the occasion with a photoshoot? It is the best chance to show off your bump and gorgeous pregnancy glow. Coupled with that, a solid selection of some great maternity photography poses will authentically capture the feeling of this milestone moment. Read on to learn five simple poses that can make your pregnancy photoshoot stunning. 

Getting Started: Preparing for Your Maternity Photoshoot

If you are up for a maternity photoshoot to share your exciting news, prepare for it well. First things first, choose the right photographer to capture your vision. Go through your preferred photographer’s previous work and the way they frame shots. Remember, only an experienced professional can bring your emotions to life and help you celebrate your pregnancy journey more delightfully and exclusively.

Next, scout as many pregnancy photoshoot locations as possible, ensuring they do not require tons of walking. You can consider a nearby outdoor location featuring the perfect backdrop for naturally beautiful pictures. Also, decide when to schedule the session during your pregnancy, ideally around 28 to 36 weeks. Expecting mothers can enjoy a photoshoot as long as they are not too close to their delivery dates and can still move around with their growing baby bump.

Pose 1: Embracing the Bump

Showcasing your baby bump is a good way to capture the mother-child connection authentically. You can sit or stand with your hands cradling your belly gently. Facing the camera, just hold the belly in a caring and protective way or in a 45-degree variation to show the size of your bump in a better way. You can capture the pose indoors or outdoors, but make sure there’s sufficient lighting to highlight your pregnancy glow.    

Pose 2: Serene Silhouettes

Backlighting and shadows can set the mood for a serene silhouette photo session. To work best with backlights, the mother-to-be should be in front of a large window while the window appears white behind her. Another tip to achieve the perfect silhouette pose is positioning the mom-to-be with the sun behind her. This will bring a rim of golden light around her or a sunburst emerging from the background.  

Pose 3: Celebrating Motherhood as a Couple

You can always capture memories that will last a lifetime with some of the most professional photos with your better half. Some of the most creative couple poses that best depict the excitement and bond of becoming parents together include:

  • Holding the sonogram together
  • Holding hands
  • Partner holding baby items
  • Face to face
  • Partner embracing the mom-to-be from the back
  • Partner holding the belly sideways or front
  • Partner kissing the belly
  • Walk on the beach

Pose 4: Focus on the Details

Standing straight and looking down at the baby bump is a simple way to highlight the intricate details of your pregnancy. You can even put your hands on your belly and ask your photographer to take side angular shots. These will highlight your growing belly most beautifully. Take advantage of adorable props and accessories, like baby boots or outfits, to enhance these detail shots. 

Pose 5: Enchanting Outdoor Maternity Photos

Solo poses of the mom-to-be under the open sky and in nature’s lap have recently gained huge popularity. You can incorporate different natural elements in your pregnancy photoshoot, like a park or garden, to offer bright hues or the beach that will add dynamics to your photos. Conducting a serene photoshoot in a green grassy field can also add magical beauty to your photos.  


In conclusion, a maternity photoshoot is a beautiful way to document the excitement and joy of a new addition to your family. From candid shots to playful poses or something more creative and fun, the go-to maternity photography ideas above are just a starting point, regardless of the type. And to strike that amazing pose in a beautiful studio set-up, you can always choose Elements. The uniquely designed photoshoot venues at https://elementscelebrate.com/ will surely work wonders for your photo session.

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How many weeks pregnant should I schedule my maternity photoshoot?

You must schedule your maternity photoshoot around 28 to 36 weeks into pregnancy.

What should I wear for my maternity photoshoot?

Choose a pregnancy photoshoot outfit that accentuates your beautiful bump. A top or dress that is tight up top or a shirt that flares out just above the belly will be an ideal choice. Such outfits allow easy movement and are more flattering at the same time.

Can I include my partner or other family members in the pictures?

Yes, pregnancy affects the entire family, so it always makes sense to include a few shots of the happy couple and the rest of the family, including the pets.

Should I bring any props or accessories to the shoot?

You can bring props or accessories like a scarf, blanket, or chair to add interest to your pregnancy photos. Popular props like flowers, wings, and baby shoes can add an exclusive touch to your photoshoot.

How long does a typical maternity photoshoot session last?

A typical maternity photoshoot session lasts for 1 or 2 hours based on the number of locations and outfits you choose.

Can I request specific retouching or editing for my photos?

Yes, you can do so, as specific retouching helps to make targeted adjustments to the photos, like removing blemishes and enhancing the skin. Editing is used for basic improvements, like cropping, compositing, and correction.

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