10 Groom Photoshoot Poses that Promise Dashing Pictures


A wedding is the coming together of two hearts to start a beautiful new journey filled with joy & prosperity.

However, truth be told, everyone ends up focusing more on the bride than the groom.

If you are one such groom (or a dedicated friend) who Googled poses but got all links talking about poses for brides, we got you covered!

Here are 10 groom photoshoot poses that promise dashing pictures that will make everyone mutter ‘Wow’.

Getting Ready

Let’s begin from the start, shall we?

The groom photoshoot poses start as soon as they start getting ready. The first shots are solos of the outfits and accessories followed by pictures of when the groom gets ready. Classics include when he is buttoning his shirt, tying his tie, putting on the belt, etc. You can also ask a close family member to join in and click them helping the groom tidy up.

I’m Ready

Yeah, unlike the brides, getting ready is a piece of cake for the groom.

After they are fully ready, click full-length shots with their attire. You can advise them to lean on a wall for some stylish groom poses, stand at the centre of a beautiful hallway or have them seated on a fancy chair, looking out the window. For outdoor shots, the groom can interact with the low-hanging branches or other things from the environment.

Attention to Detail

Albeit lesser, a groom is also clad with a few accessories that accentuate his attire. 

Time to equip the short lens to get close-up photos of accessories. The watch with a great background is a timeless photo to aim for. For a few mid-range shots, ask the groom to fix their watch or experiment with other accessories for a plandid shot. 

Bring the Car

The car acts as a great external prop for the groom. Decorated or plain, it can get a few stylish groom poses.  

The groom can lean back on the door of the car while talking on the phone. For a masculine front shot, ask the groom to open his arms and rest them on the bonnet of the vehicle while keeping the upper body straight. You can click a few candids while he gets in the car before switching to a few close-ups. Ask him to lower the window (halfway also works) and click a picture with his hands on the wheel. Use the reflection from the side-view mirror to get a more unique shot.  

Man’s Best Friend

What will a man be, without his best friend? Not the best man, we are talking about his furry friend!

This is the best idea to get a few candid groom poses as they interact with their pet. Once leashed, you can click a full picture of the pet seated at his side. If both are sitting, ask if the groom could lay their pet on their lap to get some cute pictures. 

Yaar ki Shaadi!

In come the groom’s friends to dial the style to the maximum, and why not, it’s their Yaar ki Shaadi after all!!

To be honest, it would be a miracle if you could line all of them for a standard picture. With fun, jokes (and maybe a few props) flying around, this is the perfect setup to get candids with friends and get close shots of the groom’s excitement and happiness. 

Family Picture

Cue the family for a few classic groom photoshoot ideas. 

Align the extended family for a wide photo from one side to the other. You can ask them to talk and crack a few jokes to get some natural pictures. Another idea is to divide the families with men on one side, women on the other and the groom in the middle. You can add fun to this by asking both sides to pull the groom’s hand towards themselves. 

DJ Groom in the House

It’s a celebration, so Let the Party Begin!

Ask the groom to get on stage and man the DJ station for a few songs. You can get some cool shots while he makes everybody dance to his beats. Have him equip the DJ headphones and have a spin on the turntables to get the party vibes flowing.

Dancing with Candids

With the party in full swing, ask the groom to join the dance floor.

This provides the perfect opportunity to go crazy with candids. Click pictures of everyone having a great time together while keeping track of the groom and his amazing dance moves all the time. 

Is that The Bride?!

Surprise, surprise, here comes the bride. Invite the bride for a few romantic groom photoshoot ideas.

Be ready with the camera to catch his reaction as he sees the love of his life surprise him with a visit. Click as they hold each other’s hands and pull in for an embrace. 

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What are some popular and stylish poses for groom photoshoots?

Some of the popular and stylish poses for groom photoshoots include leaning back on a wall, looking out of the window while sitting, standing with hands in their pant pocket, fixing their suit, etc.

How can grooms prepare for their photoshoot to ensure great poses?

Grooms can research poses beforehand to know what they want. Apart from that, they can practise a few poses in front of the mirror and be confident during the photoshoot.

Are there any specific props or accessories that can enhance groom photoshoot poses?

Masculine accessories like watches, chains and cars can greatly enhance the groom’s pose. However, they can try other things too. The key is to make them feel most confident about themselves.

Can you provide some tips on how to pose naturally and confidently during the photoshoot?

Place your hands at a natural angle. If you don’t know what to do with them, put them in your pant pockets. Exude confidence by looking straight at the lends during front shots. You can also rely on the cameraman to give you a few pointers.

Are there different poses recommended for traditional and modern groom photoshoots?

While most poses like standing and sitting ones are the same for traditional and modern photoshoots, you can enhance the former by choosing traditional backgrounds or elements around the subject.

How can grooms incorporate their personality and interests into their photoshoot poses?

Grooms can choose the props they want according to their personality and interest. Apart from this, they can use their body language to exhibit confidence in all their photographs.

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