14 Fantastic Ideas for a Family Newborn Photoshoot


After months of wait and excitement sprinkled with anxiety, your little bundle of joy is finally here!

Firstly, regardless of which parent is reading this (kudos if you are doing this together), a hearty Congratulations. You deserve this happiness and more.

Now that your beloved is here, let us address the elephant in the room, your enthusiasm for clicking their pictures! After all, everything they do looks like a moment to capture!

From their yawns to their half-smiles, we suggest opting for a family newborn photoshoot if you want to capture them all. Since you are SO busy looking after your newest family member, we took some time to create a list of fantastic family poses with newborn baby.

Between the Parents

Having a baby is one of the greatest blessings parents can receive. It’s a milestone and the start of a new phase in their lives.

Celebrate the pride by placing the baby between the parents and capturing the perfect family photo. There are many variations to this—the parents can stand, sit or lie down. One can try each one of them with unique positions for the baby too.

One with The Dad

From a man to a father, the journey of trials starts here.

Place the baby in the caring (yet daring) hands of the father and ask him to express himself fully. Let him show that baby the world, with all its vivid colours and animals, pointing at things and interacting with some. Bonus points if you can catch the baby smiling during all this.

One with The Mom

Time for the newborn to return to their safest place, the arms of the mother.

Aim for a different tone of photographs for clicking the child with its mother. Mothers give off positive energies of love and protection that can soothe the child. One close to the chest is a classic pose; one can try different styles that aim to focus on the soothing bond between the two.

The Proud Love Birds

Let’s not forget who was there before this bundle of joy came along. 

People often neglect the new parents and the changes they undergo during the initial days. We bring back the focus on them by asking them to embrace each other with the newborn in their hands. Another pose is them kissing each other over the head of their child.  

A String of Kisses

Keep the love flowing with our next creative family newborn photoshoot idea.

With a peck on the cheek between the parents covered, we suggest going for a string of kisses! Ask the father to kiss the mother who will then kiss the baby for a cute, lovable family picture. You can change the roles and can even ask them to try and get a kiss from the newborn! Click on burst and sort the best one out later. 

A Hug from Behind

A warm embrace is what a mother craves during this period of change. Her life will be the most affected by the arrival of a newborn.

Ask the father the embrace her from behind while she holds the baby close to her heart. He can even kiss on her cheek or on their head. 

Holding Hands Forever

Holding hands is a sign of affection and a way of expressing psychological closeness.

Start with a loving pose with the child between its parents, both holding each of its hands in theirs. The second idea is a close-up shot of them holding their child’s hands. Another shot is again a close-up but with the parents arching their hands in the shape of a heart in front of the child.  

The Cutest Burrito

One inevitable factor that often disrupts a creative family newborn photoshoot like this one is the baby itself. Here’s the fact—Newborns sleep and cry, a lot.

In these cases, it is crucial to relax the baby and what better than swaddling it? While the parents are at it, you can click multiple candid shots. Once wrapped up, click pictures with the proud parents lying with the cutest little burrito!

Baby on The Parent

You can get a few shots while the baby is relaxed or sleeping.

One of the classics is the newborn laying on their parent’s chest. Click one parent at a time but keep the movements slow and cautious to not wake the baby up. One can try a few poses for the baby or add some flair with props like fresh flowers or fairy lights around the parents.  


As discussed, babies LOVE sleeping so here is another lifestyle newborn photography idea that makes use of this.

Allow the parents to place the baby gently inside a crib and stand around it. You can ask them to interact with the child and click candid pictures. The crib used must pop from the background and be decorated should the need arise. 

The Silhouette

One of the most creative family newborn photoshoot ironically doesn’t involve showing anybody’s face. Yes, we are talking about the silhouette shot.

Select a powerful light source and position the subject in front of it. It can be a family picture or one with the baby in the arms of any of the parents. Dial down the amount of light hitting the lens and capture the perfect silhouette.

Toys & Clothes

The newborn always has three things in abundance—love, toys and clothes. We covered the first, now it’s time to shift our focus to the other two.

If the child is sleeping, arrange the toys and clothes around it with the parents on each side for an overhead shot. If the baby is awake then ask the parents to draw its attention to any of the toys and clothes for some exquisite candids. 

Meet Your Siblings

Some parents are a tad more experienced than others, this idea is for those veterans.

We are sure that like you, their siblings would be equally excited to get in on the fun. Introduce your newborn to their siblings in front of the lens and capture all the expressions emitting from them. For sibling poses in newborn photoshoot, you can let them interact with each other or click them holding their new brother/sister in their hands. A classic is lining every one up for a full family portrait.

Bringing Generations Together

In come the grandparents, all proud and elated.

Apart from the classic family photo, this paves the way for a special opportunity. With the baby lying down, ask the parents to sit around it and the grandparents to stand behind them, bringing all generations together. Align them in different ways to get a few shots out of this special moment.  

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When is the best time to schedule a family newborn photoshoot?

The best time depends on the new family. The parents and the baby must be comfortable with each other. The baby starts developing features in a few weeks. As for the time of the day, aim when the newborn is not too sleepy or fussy.

 How long does a typical family newborn photoshoot session last?

The time taken depends on the number of pictures the parents want and how cooperative the newborn is during the photoshoot.

What should we bring or prepare for a family newborn photoshoot?

Come well-prepared for the shoot by carrying everything needed to change and feed the baby. Other things like their favourite toy, specific props or special clothing are optional.

Can we include siblings or other family members in the newborn photoshoot?

Of course! The more family members in the newborn photoshoot, the more memories to look back on.

Do we need to bring any specific props or outfits for the newborn session?

Special props and outfits depend on what special requests you have for the photographer. Apart from that, we suggest bringing known props the newborn is fond of or anything with bright colours.

How can we ensure a comfortable and safe environment for our newborn during the photoshoot?

Avoid shooting outdoors under harsh weather, pollution and noise. Instead, opt for a closed, soothing area. You can also use warm lighting and white noise to soothe the child.

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