Lovely Ideas to Nail Your Family Maternity Photoshoot


Pregnancy is one of the most memorable phases of life for expecting moms as they expect their little bundle of joy first-hand. This time can be even more precious if they have their family to enjoy along with them. And there can be no better way to remember pregnancy with near and dear ones than arranging a family maternity photoshoot. Family maternity photoshoot inspiration combines family pics during the maternity session with the mom-to-be being the show’s star.

Though the family members play important roles, the mother and her baby bump are the main focus. Family maternity photography is one of the best ways to capture a growing family while celebrating the impending birth of a new life. If you want to preserve the joy of pregnancy for your entire life, consider these ideas and schedule a family maternity photoshoot:

Hug Belly Pose

The most creative poses for family maternity photography can make all the difference in your pictures. When the mom-to-be is photographed alone, the entire focus is on her baby bump, and the pictures may include her hands placed on the belly strategically. One of the best ways to fit the whole family in the maternity photoshoot is by having the partner and kids embrace the baby bump.

You can do this in several ways. For example, hold your toddler on the hip as your partner hugs your belly from the other side. Yet another creative pose for the family involves the husband standing behind the mom-to-be with his arms around her while holding her belly. Everyone can even sit on the grass or a blanket as they hug the expecting mother’s bump and each other. Another pose is where both the parents stand with the children standing in front and placing their hands on her belly while they turn to smile at the camera.

With the Sonogram

You expect your little bundle of joy in a few weeks, but it does not mean you cannot have your little girl or boy in the pictures. Including sonogram photos is one of the best maternity photoshoot ideas. It represents the first time you saw the life growing within you. When included in a family maternity photoshoot, a sonogram can be a great way to show your excitement for your baby’s birth.

You can start with a close-up of the belly with the sonogram fully displayed. The family members can hold the sonogram here while ensuring each member touches a part of the sonogram. Yet another creative maternity photoshoot idea is the expecting mother and her partner holding the sonogram in front, framed or unframed. In the background, you may look into each other’s eyes or kiss each other as the sonogram remains focused in the foreground.

Include the Cutest Maternity Photoshoot Props

Including cute props in your family maternity photography session is a fun way to add visual interest. You can choose a onesie or a pair of shoes for this, as they make classic options to preserve the memory of your infant’s first pieces of clothing. Use different ways for sibling involvement in maternity shoots by asking them to wear “big sister” or “big brother” shirts or hold a sign highlighting their new role in the family. They could also hold signs with details, like the new baby’s name or the due date. Even fashionable props can be included, like flower crowns for photoshoots in outdoor locations. The mother and all the ladies in the family can wear these crowns to make the photos appear magical.

Maternity Photoshoot in a Beautiful Field

Choosing a beautiful field will be the right option if you want outdoor family maternity photoshoot ideas. Look for open fields with tall, lush grasses near your home. These will make a striking background for all your photos with the family. You can wear outfits that match the season’s colours and have great fun while being captured.

You can take this outdoor family maternity photo session to the next level by indulging in some playful activity that involves the entire family. Ask all the family members to participate in a game, like blowing bubbles, or you may even have a mini picnic. Regardless of what you choose to do, ensure it’s a family affair in the open field. This idea will give you some of the best shots that create memories and display the laughter and happiness surrounding your growing family.

Hit the Streets

If you are a city dweller, try embracing the industrial feel of the city streets during your outdoor maternity photoshoot. You do not need to stand exactly in front of the camera with the entire family smiling to get some stunning pictures. Instead, try playing around with different poses and use street props and nearby locations creatively. For your photos to showcase an urban-chic aesthetic, try looking for textured backgrounds, like metal and concrete.

Take a Few Candids

Keep in mind not all your maternity pictures should be posed. You can even capture a few candid shots while lounging with your family at home or enjoying a laugh with your husband. Such shots are one of the best ways to document a pregnancy.

Your Pet is Also Family

Yet another good way to make your family photoshoot more inclusive is by including your pet; after all, they are also family, right? Including them in your maternity photo session will give you aww-worthy pictures. Try standing with your partner as an open door and have your children and pet walk toward you. Get such pictures captured in black and white to make them look striking and classy.

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What should we wear for a family maternity photoshoot?

While the expecting mom can wear a maternity romper or a maxi shirt and skirt, her partner could look good in simple jeans and a t-shirt. Like the sister in the maternity photoshoot, the siblings can wear a baby doll-style top with leggings or jeans, while the big brother can don a t-shirt and fashionable pants.

How can we involve siblings in the maternity photoshoot?

Try speaking with them about the importance of their job as a big brother or sister in the photo shoot. The best way to include them in the photoshoot is by planning their shots with the mom-to-be and her fast-growing baby bump.  

What are some popular locations for outdoor family maternity photoshoots?

Open public spaces, beaches and temples are some of the most popular locations for outdoor family maternity photo sessions. Woodlands, forests, and other scenic natural locations like the local parks are great for family photoshoots.

How long does a typical family maternity photoshoot session last?

A typical family maternity photo session lasts between 45 and 80 minutes. 

Can we bring props or special items to include in our family maternity photos?

Yes, you can include fun props, like newborn clothing or shoes, and special items like the sonogram in your family maternity photo session. Such props can help you click cute maternity pictures, especially in close-up shots. 

Should we hire a professional photographer for a family maternity photoshoot?

Yes, hiring a professional photographer for a family maternity photo session is very important, as only professionals in this field can capture family moments and create portraits that narrate a story.

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