Best Navratri Photoshoot Ideas and Poses


Embrace the enchanting spirit of Navratri, a vibrant festival that graces us in the midst of October this year. With ample time on your side, why not immerse yourself in the joyous planning of captivating Navratri photoshoot ideas? As the auspicious nine-day celebration unfurls, we open the doors of our homes to welcome an abundance of positive energies, igniting a fervor that demands to be captured with grandeur and splendor. Here, amidst a tapestry of tradition and innovation, we present a treasure trove of awe-inspiring traditional Navratri photoshoot ideas meticulously curated to elevate your celebrations to unprecedented heights. From simple backgrounds with fairy lights and rangolis to elaborate settings, here are a few ideas for you to follow:

One in Traditional Attire

Navratri is one of the most amazing festivals celebrated in varied ways across India. Your Navratri photoshoot will be incomplete without a few photos in traditional attire. Traditional attire is integral to Navratri celebrations and can add a hint of cultural significance. Some of the most creative Navratri photography ideas in traditional attire include:

  • Pose in front of the traditional Indian background, like a decorative tapestry or painted wall.
  • Get everyone dressed in their best traditional attires, like sherwanis, kurta-pyjamas, and sarees.
  • Use props like jewellery, turbans, and flower garlands to enhance the appearance of your traditional outfit. This will add more depth to your photos.

However, if you want a Garba theme photoshoot, wear your Garba outfit that generally includes a blouse and chaniya with colourful dupattas. The men in the family can adorn a kurta-pajama or a dhoti and kediya, while the kids can follow suit with the same traditional attire for the photoshoot.

Rangoli Pose

A rangoli is one of the most classic ways to capture the spirit of Navratri. These are intricate designs made using flower petals, sand, or coloured rice and make great backgrounds for Navaratri photoshoots. Include the family members for a grand photoshoot. One of the best Navratri photoshoot ideas would be posing with the entire family with big smiles, exhibiting the happiness and joy of the festival.

Holding a Candle or Diya Pose

Diyas or oil lamps are one of the essential items required for Navratri festivities and décor. They represent the victory of good over evil, light over darkness. Some of the best Navratri photoshoot ideas with a diya include:

  • Posing in front of a backdrop of candles or fairy lights adds a warm glow to the photos.
  • Having each family member hold a candle or diya in their hand with arms extended in front.

Dandiya Dance Pose

If you are looking for Dandiya photoshoot ideas, try capturing the excitement and energy of the Dandiya dance by getting clicked with family members or friends engaged in the rhythmic movements. You may also include props like colourful Dandiya sticks to capture the dynamic dance moments.

Navratri Light Pose

The twinkling, decorative lights during Navratri are an iconic and beautiful festival aspect. Some Navratri photoshoot ideas where you can incorporate lights include:

  • Decorate the backdrop with string lights to create an inviting and warm environment.
  • Have each family member hold a string of lights to create a mesmerizing pattern of lights in the pictures.
  • Also, try to pose in front of a dark backdrop to capture the movements of lights. This will create an ethereal and dreamy effect in your pictures.

Pose with Floral Décor

During Navratri, flowers decorate homes, which can be one of the greatest additions to your photography. Ideas to include floral décor in your Navratri photoshoot are as follows:

  • Decorate the centre of your home with flowers and have each pose around it.
  • You can also pose in front of a colourful flower backdrop to enhance your look in the pictures.
  • Use different flowers, like roses, jasmine and marigold, to create a colourful and vibrant photoshoot environment.

Group Portraits

The best Goddess Durga photoshoot ideas include gathering family members and friends to pose together in traditional settings like pandals decked up with the idols of Goddess Durga. Try arranging everyone in a semi-circle or circle to create a lively festive appearance in your pictures. And make sure every individual is dressed in their best Navratri attire.

Family Portrait Pose

A family portrait is one of the most classic ways to celebrate Navratri and capture the best memories. Some Navratri photoshoot ideas for family portraits include:

  • Gathering the entire family, all the grandparents, children, and extended family members, for the photo shoot.
  • Encouraging each member to strike relaxed and natural poses with big smiles. This captures the closeness and joy of the entire family during Navratri celebrations.
  • Using props, like flower garlands, lights, and diyas, to offer a festive touch to the photos.

Diya Arrangement Pose

Diya arrangements are a traditional and beautiful aspect of Navratri, making them great additions to Navratri photoshoots. Some ideas that can help you here are:

  • Create an exclusive diya arrangement using diyas in varied colours, shapes, and sizes.
  • Pose in front of a beautiful diya arrangement while facing the camera.


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What are some popular Navratri photoshoot themes and concepts?

Some of the most popular Navratri photoshoot concepts and themes include pictures in traditional attire, those with backdrops of rangoli and painted walls or string lights and poses where you hold diyas in your hand. 

How can I incorporate traditional attire and accessories into my Navratri photoshoot?

An easy way to incorporate traditional accessories and attire into your Navratri photoshoot is for sarees, salwar kameezes, Patiala suits, Anarkali suits, floor-length dresses, lehenga-cholis and long shirts. You can accentuate your appearance in these traditional outfits by using accessories like trendsetter earrings, classic rings, bracelets and hair accessories.

Are there any specific locations or backdrops that work well for Navratri photoshoots?

Yes, some of the best backdrops or locations that work well for Navratri photoshoots include decorated rangolis, pandals of Goddess Durga, street processions and fairy lights. Flower decorations can also be a good backdrop for Navratri photoshoots.

Can you provide tips on posing and expressions for a Navratri-themed photoshoot?

Always have a relaxed face and body when posing for a Navratri photoshoot. But make sure your expressions and attire clearly represent the happiness surrounding the festivities. Get moving and grooving in your photos while using real laughter to add to the authenticity of your photos. 

How can I create a festive and vibrant atmosphere in my Navratri photoshoot?

You can easily create a vibrant and festive environment in your Navratri photoshoot by using different textures, selecting colour temperatures, shooting in low but good light, and using different Navratri decorations and backdrops.

Are there any unique props or decorations that can enhance the Navratri photoshoot experience?

Yes, props like diyas, candles, torans, string lights, flower garlands and paper lanterns can enhance your Navratri photoshoot experience.

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