Planning a Photoshoot: Choose the Best Resorts for photoshoot in Bangalore

Bangalore has various beautiful resorts for photoshoots amidst luxurious ambience, and classic natural setups–Elements Celebrate, Jade 375, Taj West End Resort, Holiday Village Resort

Even when people are obsessed with selfies and the high-definition cameras of their mobiles, people like you want to capture special moments with a professional lens and store the perfect shot for a lifetime in their memory books.

However, when you think of doing a photoshoot for whatever purpose, the first question that comes to your mind is regarding the location.

The location should be such that it is within the city limit and gives you the ease of accessing, changing, and conducting the photo shoot in a hassle-free way.

Thus, the resorts for pre wedding shoots or any other type of shoot are the perfect locations. There are pre-wedding photoshoot resorts in Bangalore and normal resorts for photoshoot in Bangalore that houses perfect backdrops and lighting solutions for capturing your best moments. Why not find out more about these photoshoot resorts in Bangalore.

The 10 Best Resorts for Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Bangalore

While Bangalore is a city known for its beautiful and picturesque locations, it is important to understand why resorts in Bangalore are the perfect locations for your photoshoot.

Whether you go for a pre-wedding shoot or your wedding shoots in Bangalore, resorts for photoshoots in Bangalore are preferred destinations.

Even the maternity photoshoot, kids photoshoot and couple shoots can be perfectly conducted at these best resorts for photoshoot in Bangalore. But the question is why should you choose resorts in Bangalore for a photoshoot? The answer, though might not be convincing to all, is simple. It is because:

  • Ease of Commuting: Most of the natural picturesque photoshoot locations of Bangalore are situated outside the city limits. Therefore, commuting to these locations becomes a headache, more so during peak office hours. Therefore, choosing convenient photoshoot resorts in Bangalore becomes an easier location to commute to.
  • Ease of Accessibility: Another issue with the natural photoshoot locations is their accessibility. The accessibility becomes an issue during harsh weather conditions or during nighttime. Therefore, the best resorts in Bangalore for photoshoots become the natural choice over these natural locations to take memorable pictures any day and at any time of the day too!
  • Provides Privacy: Yes! Privacy becomes a key factor for any kind of photoshoot, including the wedding photoshoot in Bangalore. Just imagine clicking those romantic poses when number of eyes are staring at you! No! That is not the right idea. Therefore, the resorts for pre wedding shoots or any other shoot would be the perfect idea that would leave you to yourself and your partner and photograph while you are capturing your best memories.
  • Time Saving: These best resorts in Bangalore for pre wedding shoot or any other type of photoshoot are equipped with various backdrops and lighting facilities to give different shot locations, textures, and lighting effects with every single shot. Would that be possible in the natural picturesque landscapes or spots? Maybe not! Therefore, choosing the best resorts in Bangalore for pre-wedding shoots or any other type of photoshoot would be the perfect decision.
  • Ease of Dressing up: Just imagine, you are shooting for a romantic couple pre-wedding shoot at a natural location such as the Cubbon Park and you or your partner needs to change the attire for the next shot. Would that be easy or convenient? Probably not! Why not choose the pre-wedding photoshoot resorts in Bangalore instead for those perfect shots and your partner and you can click the pictures with nice and beautiful clothes each time.

With all these important advantages, it is most advisable to find the best resorts suiting your photoshoot needs and scheduling the photoshoot right away. Some of the best resorts for photoshoot in Bangalore are mentioned below:

10 best Resorts for Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Bangalore:

1. Elements Bangalore:

Resorts for Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Bangalore

This resort situated in Kanakapura Road in Bangalore near the Art of Living Center is among the best resorts for pre wedding shoots in Bangalore.

The reasons for this include the sprawling lawns and picturesque backgrounds created by the resort to facilitate such photoshoots.

The resort provides more than 130 backgrounds that help you get clicked differently each time and according to your tastes and preferences.

Apart from these backdrops, the resort is laden with artifacts depicting culture and heritage of different parts of the world such as the European Doors, the Indian pillars, the Moroccan domes and the jharokhas from Rajasthan. The resort also boasts of high quality lighting apparatus including the fairytale lighting equipment, thus allowing you to take mesmerizing shots any day. Further the resort sprawling across a land area of three acres gives you enough room for privacy and you can easily click your moments peacefully.

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2. Sky Blue Orchid Resort:

sky blue orchid resort

Situated on the Kanakapura Road in Bangalore, this particular resort is a lake-side resort. The resort offers picturesque locations with the best modern facilities by the lakeside. However, the distinct feature of this resort includes the adventurous activities and leisure options by the lakeside. The combination of happy, adventurous activities and whiling away time in the most luxurious ways provide options for a casual backdrop for photography amidst natural location all at one place – The Sky Blue Orchid Resort!

3. Holiday Village Resort:

holiday village resort

Situated on the Kanakpura Road in Bangalore, this resort is a perfect family getaway from Bangalore. The reason that makes it the most preferred resort for pre wedding shoots in Bangalore is its intrinsic beauty and its proximity to some of the most beautiful natural locations such as the Bangalore Palace, Bull Temple, and Pyramid Valley International among other such prominent landmarks of Bangalore. Therefore, the photographer would get a chance to take some exquisite shots including some shots at these natural locations too!

4. Taj West End Resort:

taj west end resort

This resort boasts of the confluence of colonial charm and modern day conveniences, both of which make your photoshoot experience memorable. This beautiful resort is spread across a sprawling area of 20 acres and houses the heritage British colonial charm in almost the entire area, thus providing lush greenery along with heritage buildings and luxurious interiors to take those classy, elegant yet antique shots for your memory book.

5. Jade 375:

Jade 375 resort

This resort is known for its best night photo shoot experiences. In fact, this is among the very few locations that offer pre-wedding shoots in a resort amidst luxury, tranquility, and night calmness! Somewhat unique isn’t it? Yes, the uniqueness of this resort is not merely restricted to this. Even the resort showcases a combination of boutique villas and contemporary living thus providing you ample screens to take that perfect shot.

6. Ruppi’s Resort:

Ruppi's resort

Situated on the Bangalore – Mysore Highway, this resort is the ultimate epitome of style, luxury, and comfort at one single go. Therefore, you can expect to take many such unique yet classy shots with the backdrop of the swimming pool or within the pool or even within the luxurious rooms of the resort.  Further the resort spread across 10 acres of land provides you some unique shots amidst the tall sandalwood trees, coconut trees and some exotic blooms of flowers too!

7. Eagleton the Golf Resort:

eagleton golf resort

Situated on the Bangalore – Mysore Highway, this resort is known for its world class luxuries and its sprawling campus. This aesthetic yet eye catching complex provides you with ample opportunities to click the perfect shot every time. And yes! The backdrops would be different every time for sure since the resort has so much to do and explore!

8. Alaya Resorts:

alaya resort

Situated in Dasanapura in Bangalore, this particular resort by Happy Retreats is known as the perfect location for organizing intimate weddings and other pre-wedding events and photoshoots. The place is spread across 8 acres of land and has huge manicured lawns and beautiful canopies that make the perfect backdrop for your perfect clicks.

9. Rd’s Nature Treat:

Rd’s Nature Treat

As the name suggests, this resort situated in Bannerghatta in Bangalore provides you the perfect setup for your photoshoot in case you and your partner are in love with nature. You get the perfect setting with sprawling greenery along with the exotic aroma of the wildflower and the hum of those busy bees to set your mood and your shots romantically.

10. Eagle Ridge Resort:

Eagle Ridge Resort

Located in Chikka Halli in Bangalore, this resort has expansive pool, bar by the pool, beautiful kids’ area, and a range of other luxurious backdrops along with ample greenery and aesthetic setups to help you take beautiful shots and create your beautiful book of memory easily!

Choose the best resort according to your tastes and preferences and create beautiful memories and store them for a lifetime! Happy Clicking!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which resort is good for photo shooting in Bangalore?

There are various resorts in Bangalore that are perfect for photoshoots of different purposes. Depending upon your purpose of photoshoot and the choice and preference of your partner and you, you should select the best resort from the list of resorts mentioned above. Some best resorts for photoshoot include the Elements Celebrate Resort, the Taj West End Resort, and the Holiday Village Resort, among others.

How much does a photoshoot cost in Bangalore in resorts?

Elements Resort is one of the most preferred locations for a photoshoot in Bangalore. This resort charges around INR 50000 for a shoot of six to eight hours with four costume changes. The location, the backdrops, and convenient charging facility make it the most sought after destination for your most awaited photoshoot.

Which is the best resort for pre-wedding shoots in Bangalore?

Elements Celebrate Resort is one of the best resorts for pre-wedding shoots in Bangalore. Great Ambience with varied choices of backdrops and intelligent lighting facility in place, this resort becomes the most sought after Pre-Wedding Shoot location in Bangalore.

How can I get resort booking in Bangalore for a pre-wedding shoot?

The resort bookings for your pre-wedding shoot can be done easily by directly contacting the reception desk at the concerned resort using a telephone or through the mail. After their confirmation, your photographer can visit to check the backdrops and lighting facility. Finally you and your partner can visit the resort on the day of shoot and simply concentrate on clicking your best versions!

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