Start your Journey of Love with these Pre Wedding Photoshoot Places in Bangalore

Perfect pre-wedding shoot requires the best place for a pre-wedding shoot, the best equipment, and the best photographer. Bangalore has many pre-wedding shoot locations like Elements Bangalore, Nandi Hills, Tamarind Tree and Cubbon Park, and all the other necessary elements. 

Capturing memories on special occasions has been the norm for quite some time. However, the current trend of conducting pre-wedding photoshoots is new and happening.

A pre-wedding photoshoot is a photo session of the couple about to take the plunge into their journey of life before the actual wedding day.

Usually, the couple engages in such a photo session a few weeks or months before the actual day.

During the session, they would be taken to various locations, mostly those known as the best pre wedding photoshoot places in Bangalore, to conduct their photoshoot. Pre-wedding photoshoot places in Bangalore give you the best memories you can cherish for a lifetime. Some of you might wonder why you need to do it.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Places in Bangalore: Some Reasons You Should Do It

Pre Wedding Photoshoot is not a mandatory custom as per Indian culture and tradition. However, as more and more couples engage in such a session, there is a genuine question of whether you need to engage in such an activity or not.

Though the answer to this question depends upon your wishes and preferences, there is a need to think about both sides of the story.

It is true that such a session would require spending more money, time, and effort and facing more lights which might seem cumbersome for certain couples. However, in spite of all such commitments in terms of time, money and effort, such a pre-wedding photo shoot is advised for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • You would get to know the photographer better. Though there are specialised pre wedding photographers who are professionally equipped to do pre-wedding photography, they would be equally competent to take your clicks on your important day. In order to make your album memorable, it is important to know your photographer better.
  • You would get comfortable standing in front of the camera. Some people are camera shy and get conscious at crucial moments. Such a couple shoot would help you get comfortable while facing the camera, with the camera person and crew and obviously with your loved one while posing for a click.
  • You get to spend some quality time with your loved one at romantic pre-wedding shoot locations while getting clicked. These shoot locations in Bangalore are romantically beau,tiful and you would surely love to create your memory book on these locations. Whether you choose the Elements Bangalore, Bangalore Palace, the Tamarind Tree or the Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, the locations in Bangalore surely make you very memorable clicks.
  • You marry once in a lifetime. Creating such a memorable series of photographs would help you reignite the flame of love throughout your journey of togetherness.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Places in Bangalore: Where and How to do it?

Once you decide to do a Pre Wedding Photoshoot, you need to search for the best photographer in town who is professionally equipped to do the pre-wedding shoot in Bangalore.

The easiest way to find the required photographer can be a search on the search engine with keywords like “pre wedding photoshoot near me.” After you finalize the photographer, you also need to search the keywords “pre wedding shoot locations near me.”

In order to finalise the best location for a pre wedding shoot, you and your photographer should sit together and choose the right location.

This is because your photographer, too, would be providing you with ideas about better pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Bangalore. Not only that, but your photographer should also have an understanding of the pre wedding shoot locations in Bangalore so that he or she can click the most romantic poses.

Whether over the wooden bridges or around the lush green gardens with blooming flower beds, the pre-wedding photoshoot places give your photographer ample opportunities to click the perfect shots. These perfect shots and the most romantic pre-wedding shoot spots in Bangalore give you cherished memories for a lifetime.

Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, is not only known for its technological prowess. The city also offers beautiful locations for the best pre-wedding photoshoot in Bangalore. However, these shoot locations should be chosen carefully such that the beauty of such locations matches the personality, tastes, and preferences of the couple.

Some important pre-wedding photoshoot places in Bangalore include:

  • Pose in more than 130 different ways and backgrounds if you wish to and get the most engaging, most romantic, most elegant, most beautiful, and the best pre-wedding photoshoot in Bangalore at the Elements Bangalore. Elements Bangalore will be your favourite location for your special pre-wedding photoshoot, given the beautiful backdrops and the effective lighting apparatus available at the location. From Indian pillars to European doors and Moroccan domes to Rajasthani jharokhas, you get to choose the way you want to click your perfect shots with your loved ones. Romantic or blissful, intimate or passionate, soulful or nature lover, you can click your perfect shot the way you and your photographer want. Spread across a sprawling three acres of land, this pre–wedding shoot location in Bangalore is just the place you want to get clicked. Sun-kissed photographs or photographs in fairy-tale lighting setup, everything in possible at Elements Celebrate. Come and get clicked here to create your beautiful memory book.

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  • Engage in a royal romantic pre wedding shoot at the Bangalore Palace and the Courtyard House that has three cottages with a courtyard and lush green lawns for the perfect setting
  • Exquisite photos shoot in the morning with the rising sun in the background at the Nandi Hills.
  • Pose in the dreamiest poses at the dreamy location of the Tamarind Tree.
  • A romantic pre wedding photoshoot in Bangalore should be amidst the backdrop of lakes and gardens on the Bangalore – Kanakapura road.
  • A romantic shoot but with the background of the dark night sky should be done at Jade 735
  • Pre-wedding shoot places in Bangalore also include vintage backdrops and vintage shoots at the Sommer House.
  • Filmy photo shoot for a filmy couple or a film enthusiastic couple can be done at the Innovative Film City.
  • Romantic shots with the backdrop of the ethnic cultural site of the Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple look classy, yet traditional.
  • Romantic photo shoot amidst greenery and colourful butterflies at the Butterfly Park in Bannerghatta.
  • The lush green surroundings of Cubbon Park are also an important place in Bangalore for pre-wedding photoshoots.
  • For a sun-kissed shoot with wine in hand and background, the Grover Vineyards would be the perfect location.
  • J P Nagar Outskirts would give postcard perfect click shot options
  • Couples who are fascinated by the purity of white can plan a shoot at the Bricklane Grill for the perfect white shot

These are just a few locations to be mentioned. The city of Bangalore has many other beautiful pristine locations for an exquisite pre wedding photo shoot, such as the Thottikallu Falls, the Hebbal Lake, and Lal Bagh, among others. Choose the best places that suit you and your partner and, of course, your photographer and, click the best shots that you can preserve and cherish for your lifetime! This is surely a one-time event in your life! Choose well and click the best shots!

 Frequently Asked Questions:

Which location is best for a pre-wedding shoot?

Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, offers various beautiful locations for the best pre-wedding shoot. Some of these places include the Elements Bangalore, Nandi Hills, The Tamarind Tree, the Bricklane Grill, and many more. However, choosing the best location for your pre-wedding shoot has to be decided based on your spouse and your preferences, tastes, and choices.

What is very famous in Bangalore for photo clicks?

Though there are various beautiful locations for the perfect photo click in the city of Bangalore, the Element Bangalore is one place known for the best clicks for its beautiful backdrop and setups and the Butterfly Park at Bannerghatta in Bangalore for its natural surroundings. The photo clicks can include romantic pre-wedding and post-wedding shoots or can be natural shoots. This place offers the best backdrops for the perfect click for sure.

Which place is best for a photo shoot in Bangalore?

Photo Shoot, whether it is pre-wedding or post-wedding, or any other purpose, needs the perfect location, apparatus and well dressed object – a couple in case of pre wedding shoot. There are various places in Bangalore known for its beautiful locations. However, places like Elements Bangalore, Nandi Hills, Cubbon Park, Sommer House are some of the places best known for being the perfect photoshoot locations in Bangalore.

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