Capture your Beautiful Memories at Elements Bangalore- The Best Photoshoot Places in Bangalore

Best Photoshoot Places in Bangalore

Bangalore, a prominent city in India known for its technological prowess, also offers beautiful landscapes to view and click pictures of. The picturesque landscapes and manmade destinations provide the best place for photoshoot in Bangalore. Conducting photoshoots during different special occasions of your life has become a norm these days. Therefore, choosing the best places for photoshoot in Bangalore becomes an absolute necessity in order to create the best memory book of your life.

Some of these places in Bangalore are known for their landscapes, while some are known for their architecture. Some of these photoshoot places in Bangalore are located within the city limits, while some of them are situated just outside the city so that the people can visit these good places for photoshoot in Bangalore and create vivid memories. These memories can be related to simple couple photoshoot locations Bangalore or very professional and intimate maternity photoshoot locations in Bangalore. 

Whatever the memories from these exclusive photoshoots be, it is important to know that the model of these memories is you and your loved ones. Therefore, the setting, the costume, the location and every other aspect related to your photoshoot cannot be less than perfect in any way. The locations for photoshoot in Bangalore that you choose are the same as the model photoshoot locations in Bangalore and therefore there is absolutely no compromise in terms of choosing the best Bangalore photoshoot places.

While a part of your photoshoot can be conducted within the studios, the majority of the shoot is usually preferred at outdoor photoshoot locations in Bangalore. It is important to select the photoshoot locations in Bangalore wisely, such that the theme of the event and the personality of the model/s can be captured best with such a backdrop. Most of these top photoshoot places in Bangalore are majorly natural locations or manmade places created with the backdrop of natural landscapes.

List of 10 best photoshoot places in Bangalore:

The different photography places in Bangalore are of various types and genres that suit the variety of people and their various preferences perfectly. Most of these venues give you the picture perfect backdrops, the infrastructure to create some innovative shots, and even the facilities so that your photographer and you can conduct your photoshoot hassle free.

10 best places for photography in Bangalore are as below:

1. Elements Bangalore:

Photoshoot places in Bangalore

This is the most popular destination for pre-wedding, post-wedding, and maternity photoshoots in Bangalore. This is a popular chain of photoshoot locations in different cities of India, including Bangalore.

Spread across a sprawling area of three acres of land that is landscaped to present the best locations and backdrops, Elements Bangalore is the perfect choice of photoshoot destination that will be remembered for a lifetime.

As the top photoshoot place in Bangalore, Elements Bangalore gives you the option of more than 150 backdrops to choose from.

This includes the choice of Rajasthani Jharokhas to Moroccan Domes, European Doors to Indian pillars, ethnic temple look to the chic Bohemian setup, and historic looks to the most modern luxurious setups, among other choices.

Another reason why Elements Bangalore has become one of the good places for a photoshoot in Bangalore is the presence of good lighting arrangements and other essential infrastructure, including fairytale lighting. The gardens will give you that picture-perfect nature setting that has a soothing effect.

Since both nature and designed sets are incorporated in the same venue – one will find that it is the easiest and most glamorous one-stop photoshoot location. The decorative lighting converts the venue into a fairyland, adding that extra twinkle to making it the best photoshoot location. Therefore, whether you choose to find a romantic couple photoshoot location in Bangalore or search for an exotic pre-wedding and post-wedding photoshoot location for the couple in Bangalore, or you wish to find the most appropriate maternity photoshoot location in Bangalore, this is the perfect and the most appropriate place to be in.

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2. Lalbagh Botanical Gardens:

Lalbagh Botanical Gardens

Tinges of green with colorful blooms here and there, a lake to mesmerize and the rustic ruggedness of a natural location; Lalbagh Botanical Garden is the perfect dreamy location for a photoshoot. Head here in the early hours of morning for the dew kissed mysticism and lesser footfall for a peaceful photoshoot.

3. Bangalore Palace:

Bangalore Palace

Spread across a sprawling 454 acres of land,  this royal palace provides stunning shots from every angle. The splendor, the décor, the royal look, the well-manicured lawns, the Durbar Hall, the ballroom, and many other stunning areas of the palace make it the most royal sight for the mighty photoshoot you wanted to have.

4. Courtyard House:

Courtyard House

The Courtyard House is a dream location to conduct your photoshoot. The location has various high-roofed rooms which are elegantly decorated. All these rooms are arranged in a circular pattern, and the open space between the circles forms the central courtyard. The courtyard is wide and beautifully decorated to give some very beautiful shots. The place in itself is a rustic combination of the earthy brown background of the exteriors of the rooms, the lush greenery of the open spaces and a natural pond to add a tinge of blue, making it the perfect location for photoshoot and even wedding venue.

5. Ulsoor Lake:

Ulsoor Lake

This beautifully man-made lake at Ulsoor is the perfect backdrop for beautiful shots during sunrise and sunset. Along with the lake, the long pathway covered in green too adds to the charm of photography. While the greens adorn the day, the beautiful lamps on the walkway make up for those beautiful lit night pictures by the lake that look simply awesome in your collection!

6. Innovative Film City:

 Innovative Film City

This is the perfect setup for people who want to engage in a photoshoot in the filmiest way. Sitting inside a glass house or swaying your sari over the wooden bridges, this place is the perfect photoshoot location in Bangalore that can make you feel like a film diva, at least for a few moments. This amusement park cum a movie studio.

7. Cubbon Park:

Cubbon Park

Lush green, well-maintained park with beautiful sculptures to give that ethnic picture-perfect poses that make your photoshoot one of the best memories to be cherished for years to come. The Park is situated quite near to the Lalbagh Botanical Garden, and the best photoshoot experience would be during the early hours of the day or the cool evenings.

8. Tamarind Tree:

Tamarind Tree

This open amphitheater in the heart of the city pours in a unique combination of old and new to give you some of the best traditional yet classy shots. With antique doors, pathways, done with cobblestones, pavilions to walk, and courtyards to stroll, this majestic place helps you take some real royal shots!

9. Sommer House:

Sommer House

The house with its decades of history presents the perfect vintage backdrop, including vintage cars for those beautiful clicks that would become vintage for you for your lifetime. Yes! This particular cottage with a German touch and vintage artifacts helps you get some beautiful classic clicks, including the black and white portraits that are doing the rounds again!

10. Nandi Hills:

Nandi Hills

Your photoshoot in Bangalore would not be complete if you do not engage in an early morning shoot here for that picture perfect shot you always wanted. Nandi Hills is a photoshoot destination where you can have different backdrops to express your different moods through your pictures. The Nandi cave hills present the adventurous side of your personality beautifully, while the backdrop of Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple helps you bring out the spiritual side of your personality in your photographs. The lush green cover, the historical Tipu fort and the mysticism of the elevated hills, everything makes your photograph just amazingly picture perfect!

Select the best location for photoshoot in Bangalore and create your personalized memory book to cherish not only the occasion of the photoshoot but also the memories created during the special photoshoot for a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we do a photoshoot in Lalbagh?

Yes, a photoshoot in Lalbagh is possible. In fact, this particular photoshoot destination is among the most popular photography locations in Bangalore. However, it is advisable to do the photoshoot in the early morning hours to avoid the rush in this prominent tourist spot.

How much does a photoshoot cost in Bangalore?

Photoshoot cost in Bangalore would depend on the locations chosen for the purpose of photoshoot and the professional charges of the photographer. Various photographers from different studios charge differently based on their popularity, apparatus required for a professional photoshoot and other arrangements required to be done. It is quite difficult to give an approximation of the charges involved, though you would have the option to choose the best photographer and studio suiting your preferences and budget.

Which places are best for a couple photoshoot near me?

Couple photoshoots can be conducted in all the above-mentioned photography locations in Bangalore. All these destinations are mystical and romantic in their own way. Therefore, choosing the right locations depends upon the tastes and preferences of you and your partner, the best places such as the Elements Bangalore, Nandi Hills, the Tamarind Tree, Lalbagh, The Courtyard House, the Sommer House and many others can be chosen for your perfect click.

Name the locations for photoshoot booking in Bangalore?

Photoshoot booking in Bangalore can be easily done with the reputed photo studios professionally equipped to manage and conduct specialized photoshoots. There are various studios in Bangalore that specialize in Maternity photoshoots while others which specialize in Kids photoshoot or couple photoshoots and other such specialities. You need to choose the best studio suiting your purpose of photoshoot, like Elements Bangalore and book your appointment for your personalized photoshoot at your dream location with the studio.

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