Want to create a Memory Book of your Beautiful Memories? Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Places in Hyderabad

Enjoy togetherness and create memories at the best Pre wedding photoshoot places in Hyderabad – Botanical Garden, Elements Resort, Golconda Fort, Charminar, Ramoji Film City

Marriages are made in heaven. However, in order to make that marriage successful, the two people getting together in the custom of marriage need to know each other very well.

This journey of knowing each other well starts much before the actual marriage. Organizing a pre-wedding photoshoot is a healthy start to get to know each other and get comfortable in each other’s presence. Further organizing a pre-wedding photoshoot in Hyderabad would also help you understand the photographer well. Hyderabad is a city for its rich historical and cultural heritage. Therefore, pre-wedding shoot places in Hyderabad would have these two flavors in abundance. You and your partner can select the pre-wedding photoshoot places in Hyderabad along with professional inputs from your photographer. While the pre-wedding shoot locations in Hyderabad are absolutely exotic, the favorable climate of the city makes the pre-wedding shoot in Hyderabad even more memorable.

8 Best Pre Wedding Photoshoot Places in Hyderabad

While the city of Hyderabad has been known for its mouth-watering and sumptuous Biryani and its rich historical heritage, the city is also famous for its scenic beauty and cheruvus (lakes) that are some of the best places for pre-wedding shoot in Hyderabad. Among all these best places for photography in Hyderabad, these are the 10 best pre-wedding photoshoot places in Hyderabad.

1. Elements Celebrate:

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Places in Hyderabad

Elements Celebrate is a specialized chain of establishments that specialize in providing you the best backdrops for the best photo and video shoot. The company has an establishment located in Hyderabad where you can get to do the most memorable pre-wedding shoots.  This establishment provides the romantic backdrops and fairytale lighting along with Moroccan domes, Indian pillars, temple style architecture, and European doors to give you the most elegant photoshoot experience ever. This is undoubtedly the best pre-wedding photoshoot location in Hyderabad.

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2. Ramoji Film City:

ramoji film city

Counted among the best pre wedding shoot locations in Hyderabad, this place offers picturesque backdrops along with natural flavors. This place offers the perfect combination of international cityscapes and natural setting of caves, fountains, gardens, and lakes. This place is not only ideal as the preferred pre wedding locations in Hyderabad, the place is also ideal for wedding photoshoot since the place has two hotels and quite a large green space along with film sets for that perfect filmy pre-wedding and wedding shoot in Hyderabad.

3. Golconda Fort:

golconda fort

Looking for a royal backdrop for the royal photoshoot of the royal couple – you and your partner! Golconda Fort is the best place for pre-wedding shoots in Hyderabad. Stunning combination of exquisite engineering and splendid architecture, the Golconda fort complex gives you some of the most exquisite, royal yet elegant backdrops for your most memorable pre-wedding photoshoot. The Fort complex also showcases a beautiful skyline of Hyderabad, thus making it the perfect pre wedding photo shoot location in Hyderabad.

4. Charminar:


Popularly known as the symbol of Hyderabad, this 400 year old architectural splendor with its intricate designs and rich historical heritage is one of the sought after pre wedding photoshoot locations in Hyderabad. The UNESCO World Heritage site along with the colorful hustle and bustle of the famous Laad Bazaar nearby gives you the perfect backdrop for the most memorable pre wedding photoshoot in Hyderabad.

5. Chowmahalla Palace:

chowmahala place

Literally translated to Four Palaces, the Chowmahalla Palace indeed provides you the most royal backdrop for the most royal pre-wedding photoshoot. As one of the most beautiful Hyderabad pre wedding shoot locations, this place allows you to take the most royal photographs with a background of Nizami culture, architecture and splendor. Even the lush green surroundings have a historic appeal, thus making it the most holistic pre wedding shoot location in Hyderabad.

6. Ameenpur Lake:

ameerpur lake

Among all other pre wedding shoot places in Hyderabad Ameenpur Lake has a special mention because of its picturesque appeal. A placid lake with an amazing backdrop of the setting sun and the reflection of the setting sun making a ripple effect on the lake makes it the most romantic background for the best pre-wedding photoshoot. Couple it up with the most lovey-dovey classic silhouette, and the photographs are just mesmerizing!

7. Aalankrita Resort:

aalankrita resort

This is one of the best pre wedding shoot places in Hyderabad. Among all the places in Hyderabad for pre wedding shoot, this resort is well accepted as the best given its flaunting designs and architecture. Located on the Northern side of the city, this popular place for pre wedding shoots in Hyderabad also has beautifully manicured gardens and even a water park, thus making it a holistic deal for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Enjoy your time with your partner while getting those naturally perfect clicks!

8. Botanical Garden:

botanical garden

Whether a nature lover or not, this is one of the best places in Hyderabad for a pre-wedding shoot that offers fresh, green, and dew kissed backgrounds for that perfect, romantic, lovey-dovey shot you wanted to click. Well carved Gazebos, rustic wooden cottages, natural rocky terrain, and the blooming bougainvillea add to the charm of this place during a daytime pre-wedding shoot.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which place is best for photography in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad is a city known for its rich historical heritage, picturesque locations, and a busy city life. Therefore, places like Charminar, Ameenpur Lake, Golconda Fort, and Botanical Garden are some of the natural places that provide you the perfect locations for photography. Apart from this, resorts like the Elements Resort and the Aalankrita Resort provide you with customized views and backdrops for your dreamy photographs.

How can I get the best location for a wedding shoot?

Searching for the best location for your wedding shoot is indeed an important task. Therefore, you can start with understanding the common likings and preferences of you and your partner. This would help you choose the perfect type of location. Then you can sit with your photographer and the list of preferred locations to select the best location for your wedding shoot.

In Hyderabad are there photoshoot locations for weddings available in rain?

Hyderabad is known for its climate too! Therefore, all the natural locations mentioned above can also be the perfect photoshoot locations for wedding shoots during the rains.

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