Have Fun and Create Memories with an Outdoor Engagement Photoshoot


An outdoor engagement photoshoot is the perfect way for couples to celebrate their upcoming wedding while sharing romantic moments. Plus, you also get the chance to play around with the photographer and ensure whether they are the perfect fit for your wedding. Above everything else, engagement photo sessions are a chance to have fun with your partner while showcasing your personality. Read on to know about some of the most exclusive outdoor engagement photo session ideas:

Couple Holding Hands

Probably one of the most romantic outdoor engagement poses, this is also the perfect starter shot for couples nervous in front of the camera. You can have the couple stroll around with their hands clasped or have a standstill pose with fingers intertwined. Other romantic engagement photoshoot poses include embracing like you mean it, forehead-to-forehead and nose-to-nose pictures, back-to-front, side-by-side, and light kissing.

Choose a Picturesque Location for Your Engagement Photoshoot

If you are fond of the outdoors, why not arrange an engagement photoshoot in nature? From beaches and parks to lakes and forests, there are several settings for the perfect couple photos. One of the best things about covering nature in your photos is you get the advantage of natural light and gorgeous settings. Engagement pictures in nature are perfect for travel enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers.

Beach Engagement Photo Session

Beach engagement photography is quite popular, with more and more couples choosing to have their engagement and even weddings at the beach. The beach setting offers varied options for taking playful pictures. For example, those with ice cream cones or the waves guiding your photos.

Shooting at the Golden Hour

If you love golden tones and sun-kissed bliss, go for a sunset engagement photoshoot. Choose locations that have nice sights on the horizon. You can choose mountainside locations, inner city, or field sunset for the shoot. But then make sure to arrange for the right kind of lighting. You will lose light faster in the mountains because the sun hides behind the hills as it starts setting. On the contrary, the light will last longer in the city, thus making for better sights on the horizon.

The Bottom Line

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Where are some picturesque locations for an outdoor engagement photoshoot?

Some of the most picturesque locations for an outdoor engagement photoshoot include:
-Taj Rambagh Palace in Jaipur
-Taj Umaid Bhavan Palace in Jodhpur
-Kumarakom Lake Resort
-The Oberoi Udaivillas in Udaipur
-Taj Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad
-Taj Mahal in Agra
-Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi

What time of day is ideal for capturing the best lighting during an outdoor shoot?

After sunrise, the first hour and before sunset, the last hour, are best for capturing perfect lighting during an outdoor engagement photoshoot. Popularly known as the magic hour or golden hour, these times offer the required light to capture some of the most stunning pictures.   

Are there any essential items or props to bring for an outdoor engagement session?

Yes, props offer a touch of creativity and personalisation to outdoor engagement sessions. Some of the best props for the occasion include:
-Holding a few quirky signs
-Posing with vintage luggage
-Smoke bombs for a blast of colour
-LED lights

How can I ensure that my outdoor engagement photoshoot is weather-resistant?

While it’s difficult to ensure a weather-resistant outdoor engagement photo session, things like dressing as per the weather, getting waterproof equipment, arranging back and flash lighting and having weatherproof things, like umbrellas, creams, glasses and hats handy, may be beneficial. 

Do you have tips for creating a romantic atmosphere in outdoor engagement photos?

Some tips to create a romantic atmosphere in outdoor engagement photos include:
Suggesting several romantic poses to the couple before the session.
Taking a few candid shots of the couple talking to each other.
Using blankets and other props to create privacy even in the outdoors.

What poses work well in natural outdoor settings for engagement pictures?

Some of the most classic poses that work well in natural outdoor settings for engagement pictures include gazing into each other’s eyes, wrapping arms around your partner, and even kissing each other. Every photo doesn’t need to include your face. Even close-up shots of the engagement ring or both of you holding hands have a sentimental value. You can also have wider shots of the couple walking together in a beautiful setting.

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