Must-Try Traditional Maternity Photoshoot Ideas


An engagement is the first step towards a grand wedding, calling for an exclusive photoshoot. It is one of the most fantastic ways to highlight the beginning of a new chapter in a couple’s life while also helping them get used to being right in front of the camera before their wedding day. Of course, you have your professional photographer to give you several insights on the suitable locations for your photo session. Still, the engagement photo shoot ideas below can also help you express your undying love for each other without much effort.

Hand and Engagement Ring Close Up

If you want the best engagement ring photoshoot ideas, this one involving both your hands and the engagement rings works wonders. It is one of the most beautiful ways to announce the union without showing off the couple’s face.

City Living

The city skyline is also of gorgeous photo backgrounds for those who love the hustle and bustle of urban living. Cities present many photoshoot locations perfect for couples- romantic, adventurous, laid back, classy and everyone in between. You can opt for a fancy or casual engagement photoshoot as desired. Just make sure to don casual or formal outfits as per the chosen location.

Follow Me in the Garden

If both of you love nature, this will be the best engagement photoshoot idea for you as a couple. Just head to one of your favourite gardens or parks in the city and showcase your commitment to one another in some of the most beautiful pictures. You can arrange for wicker baskets, wine bottles and books as the perfect prop for this romantic photoshoot that feels as original as your love.

That Sneaky Glance

Add an element of flirtation to your engagement photos with a bit of conniving glance at each other. There is an element of mischievousness in such photos, and that’s what makes for a stunning couple photoshoot showing your undying love for each other.

Only Your Engagement Ring!

This is one of those typical Indian engagement photoshoot ideas where couples like to flaunt their engagement rings in special custom or showstopper designs. As the ring symbolises the upcoming union, it deserves to be the focal point of your engagement photoshoot. Play hand model by holding hands and raising your fingers while pulling your partner in for a deep hug. Do all this while showing off that beautiful engagement ring in front of the camera.

Sand and Sunshine

The golden sunset and roaring waves of the ocean can be the ideal location for a free-spirited engagement photoshoot. You can run along the shore with your partner-to-be or dip your toes in the water while a professional captures all this beautifully.

How About the Twirl?

Looking to add some playfulness to your engagement photoshoot? Twirling around will be the perfect way to do so. The photos clicked during this session will look more interesting if you have a long, elegant lehenga to match the occasion.

Cheek Kisses

Engagement photoshoots are not casual for couples who have met only once or twice. But that does not mean you can only have a few general poses for the shoot. If kissing on camera feels too vulnerable and close for you and your partner, how about kissing on those cheeks? It does not look too personal, and the photos clicked look very beautiful. You can take turns kissing each other’s ears, cheeks, neck, and heads’ tops or sides. Those peckings, nuzzles, and kisses make for some of the most gorgeous and genuine laughs and smiles.

Keep Things Simple

You can always keep things simple by clicking photos in your regular clothes to add a sweet basic touch to this special moment in your life. You can even get to your favourite dining spot or café to make the session sentimental.

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A traditional maternity photoshoot is one of the best ways to commemorate this particular phase of your life. It will help you make memories that you can treasure throughout your life. You can try out indoor and outdoor shots with breathtaking and one-of-a-kind backgrounds to make your images more memorable and beautiful. Nevertheless, thinking out of the box and experimenting with all new but traditional maternity photoshoot ideas is crucial to make your images stand out. Recent trends have revived traditional maternity photos, from flowy fabrics and floral crowns to underwater photo sessions. Let’s explore the options below:

Flowery Photoshoot

Since pregnancy is a blossoming experience for new mothers, it would be great to click photos of your baby’s belly with some of the most colourful and brightest flowers. One of the best traditional maternity photoshoot ideas is taking your first-month pregnancy photo with one flower, the second month with another, and so on. You can also use one flower for the first month, two flowers to denote the second month, etc.

The Belly Embrace

One of the loveliest traditional maternity photoshoot ideas, the belly embrace is an excellent way to highlight the baby bump while capturing the mother’s protectiveness and affection for her future child.

Entire Family in Matching Outfits

Though this may seem a bit cheesy or old-school, it is one of the most adorable ways to announce your pregnancy to the world. You can buy outfits in the same colour or get them explicitly stitched for the maternity photo session.

Ocean View

This is a traditional, picturesque and timeless way to shoot a pregnant woman surrounded by the majesty and vastness of the beautiful sea.

The Fairy tale Photo Session

It is a great idea to dress up like the queen of your life for your maternity photoshoot. If you have other kids, dress them up like princes and princesses, while your spouse can dress up like a king. Arrange for a few gorgeous accessories and costumes to make your shoot lavish and royal.

You can easily create some of the most distinctive pictures that narrate a story by coordinating with your photographer and using different elements like lighting and props. You get all this and more at Elements. They have excellent and various backdrops to make your maternity photoshoot enthralling. So, why wait? Book your venue now at


What month of pregnancy should I do a photoshoot?

The 7th and 8th months of pregnancy, or the time between 28 and 34 weeks, is the best for a maternity photoshoot. During this time, your fairly sizeable baby bump will be visible, and your baby will not have dropped down too far. This is the beginning of your 3rd trimester and the ideal time for a maternity photoshoot.

Which colour is best for a maternity photoshoot?

Hues like cream, white, tan, grey and pastels in faint blues, minty teals and blush are the best for maternity photoshoots. These universally flattering shades will offer your pictures a fresh vibe and work great for pregnant mamas and their spouses who want to create special memories.

How many weeks are you pregnant for a maternity photoshoot?

While professional photographers have their preferences about when they would like to plan a maternity photoshoot during pregnancy, most of them recommend planning out the shoot between 30 and 36 weeks.

Which dress is best for a maternity photoshoot?

Dresses with flattering silhouettes are the best for maternity photoshoots. The best is to go for a top or dress that is sufficiently tight up top or just above the belly. You can choose a skirt or dress that flares out sufficiently for the bottom. Avoid selecting a dress that is tight underneath your belly. Ideally, go for floor-length dresses.

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