Romantic Getaways: Enchanting Couple Photoshoot Places in Bangalore


If you want to capture the love between you and your partner in stunning photos that you can treasure forever, it is time you look for the best couple photoshoot places. Couple-friendly photoshoot places in Bangalore set the stage for romantic photoshoot experiences while allowing you to become at ease with the camera and the photographer. Nowadays, more and more couples opt for enchanting couple photoshoots to include the photos in their wedding invitations or to be played during their wedding event. Such photoshoots also develop trust between the couples and serve as the perfect scope for them to learn more about their partners. Here are a few of them where couples can arrange the best photoshoots without any restrictions:

1. Historical and Natural Splendors

Several natural and historical splendours in and around Bangalore make the best romantic couple photoshoot places. These include the iconic Bangalore Palace, the lush green Lalbagh Botanical Garden, and Cubbon Park, known for its romantic backdrops. While the green lawns and beautiful flower beds make the apt backdrop for a romantic photoshoot at Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Cubbon Park offers the scope of an ethereal photoshoot with its historic buildings and tree-lined paths. Teeming with beautiful gardens and grand architecture, the Bangalore Palace is also perfect for your couple photoshoot album.       

2. Serene Lakes and Waterfalls

When choosing affordable couple photoshoot places in Bangalore, there can be nothing better than the different waterfalls and serene lakes. Most do not have any entry fee or entry and exit timing, so you can have the lights and cameras up for a shoot whenever you want, which is within your budget. Among these, Ulsoor Lake makes the perfect spot for couple photography because of its beautiful sunsets and picturesque views. Then there’s Sankey Tank, an artificial man-made lake near Vyalikaval, Sadashivanagar, and Malleshwaram, spread over 37.5 acres. Here, couples can have the most exquisite photoshoots while enjoying boat rides in rows, pedals, and motor boats. You can also choose to create the most magical moments at Hogenakkal Falls, a series of waterfalls formed by River Kaveri.

3. Romantic Strolls in Gardens

Bangalore is also known for its one-of-its-kind garden attractions that make the top spots for a couple photoshoots. Love-filled walks at the peaceful and serene setting of Lumbini Gardens, boating, or spending time at the children’s park here can be some of the most fantastic couple photoshoot ideas. Further uncover the best natural beauty at Freedom Park, where there’s a children’s play area, a jogger’s track, and well-maintained gardens for perfect photoshoots. The Jayaprakash Narayan Biodiversity Park, with its nature centre, amphitheatre, rock garden, and exhibition plaza, is also one of the best places for a couple-photoshoot in Bangalore. 

4. Cultural and Historical Charm

The magnificent temple complexes in Bangalore feature a historical and cultural charm that makes them the most stunning spots for couple photoshoots. For example, the ISKCON Temple, with its serene ambience and exemplary architecture, and the Bull Temple, with its lush green garden with a huge rock formation, are ideal photoshoot venues. Initially built as a mud fort, the Bangalore Fort is another historical photoshoot location where you can include rich history in your photos.    

5. Hill Stations and Mountain Retreats

Once considered the “Hills of Happiness,” Nandi Hills in Bangalore is a picturesque mountain scape that serves ideally if you are looking for a couple photoshoot 4,851 feet above sea level! Facing the Nandi Hills is a mountain fortress called Skandgiri or Kalavara Durga, which is an abode of verdant flora and fauna, peaceful surroundings, and clouds that create the perfect setting for a romantic photoshoot. Savandurga is another couple photoshoot location in Bangalore known for its scenic beauty and serenity.  

6. Lakeside Paradise

If peaceful moments, romantic boat rides, and serendipitous love is what you are looking for in your couple photos, then the beautiful lakes of Bangalore would be an ideal choice. Choose from a plethora of beautiful lakes, like the Madiwala Lake, spread over 114.3 hectares, blessed with incredible beauty; the Bellandur Lake, featuring a calm and pleasant environment; or the Hebbal Lake, which rejuvenates visitors with its gorgeous surroundings. The incredible sunrise and sunset views at these lakes will create magic in your couple photos, provided they are clicked at the right time.      

7. Unique and Offbeat Locations

If you want to uncover the hidden gems in Bangalore to find unique couple photoshoot locations, go for places like Madhavan Park, Pearl Valley, and Thottikallu Falls. These offbeat locations in Bangalore are unexplored places surrounded by nature and the perfect location for a couple-photoshoot away from the noisy and loud city.  

8. Majestic Temples and Palaces

Bangalore’s majestic palaces and temples are popular for their beautiful architecture and royal grandeur, making them the perfect spots for couple-photoshoots. Temples like the Dodda Basavana Gudi and Chokkanathswamy Temple are among the city’s oldest temples, and the finely crafted structures here make amazing backdrops for modern photoshoots. Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace is also a key photoshoot attraction for its rich history and royal splendour. 

9. Eco-friendly Getaways

Couples looking for a break from the city’s hustle can arrange a photoshoot at the eco-friendly getaways in Bangalore to replenish and relax their mind and souls and celebrate love like never before. One of the best couple photoshoot places in this category is Bannerghatta Biological Park, where couples can have the most rejuvenating photoshoot experiences. You can also head to Ramadevara Betta, the only Vulture Sanctuary in India with breathtaking views of the hilltop. Kokkare Bellur, a bird sanctuary in Bangalore, would be the ideal location for couple-photoshoots in November and December.    

10. Embark on a Journey of Love at Elements! 

In the vibrant tapestry of Bangalore’s couple photoshoot locations, a few stand out for their unparalleled charm and grandeur. Yet, if you crave an experience that transcends enchantment, step into the magical realm of Elements.

Nestled amidst lush greenery with over 150 backdrops, Elements is not just a pre-wedding photoshoot location; it’s a haven where love blossoms into a symphony of unforgettable moments. Picture this: a romantic sanctuary, bathed in the soft glow of nature, setting the stage for your love story to unfold like a dream.

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  • Capture Every Occasion: As the largest chain of photoshoot locations, Elements is here to click the best pictures for every occasion. Your love deserves to be celebrated, and we’re here to make each moment picture-perfect.

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What should couples consider when planning a photoshoot in Bangalore?

Planning a photoshoot in Bangalore can be overwhelming, especially if you do not contact the right vendor and arrange for various things on your own. So, first, you must decide on the photographer and the photo shoot location, and once everything is in place, let the shoot happen. Also, pack all the necessary things, like medicines, toiletries, and moisturizer, and have a good night’s sleep for a fun-filled photoshoot experience. 

Are these locations suitable for all budgets?

Yes, all the locations mentioned above are suitable for all budgets. While most have a nominal entry fee, there are a few where you need not pay anything to arrange a photoshoot.

Can professional photographers be hired for these photoshoots?

As a couple, you will never want your photos to be a disaster, right? So, it always makes sense to hire professional photographers for these photoshoots. Only professional photographers can offer you the best results when clicking couple-photographs.

Are there any recommended timings for each location to capture the best photos?

Yes, a few locations on this list may have specific entry and exit times, while others do not have recommended timings, allowing couples to capture the best photos as per their schedule and requirements. Based on the place you choose, you must get the required permissions before showing up with lights and cameras. Also, make appointments for heritage and historical sites and find out about the fees and rules the sights have in place for couple-photoshoots.

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