10 Exciting Special Wedding Themes


Wedding themes are one of the most significant choices for the ceremony. Themed weddings feature a holistic environment and give the much-in-love a good chance to bring their unique personality and style into their wedding. Deciding on special wedding themes can also help couples and their family members easily choose everything from the menu to décor.

However, you must remember that choosing the best wedding theme ideas is more than deciding on the colour scheme, décor, or cake flavour. It’s also about the complete personalization of one of the most memorable steps in your journey as a couple. So, you must choose a theme you and your guests can cherish forever. With that being the case, here are ten exciting special wedding ideas to help you create a beautiful wedding featuring imaginative details.  

1. Fairy Tale Romance

Probably one of the best wedding theme ideas, a fairy tale romance wedding theme is about adding magical elements that transport the couple and the guests to a magical place, both in body and mind. You can take your fairytale romantic wedding to new heights with elegant décor and enchanting details, like over-the-top florals and memorable table capes. Go for elevated arrangements in beautiful vases to create an imposing appearance.

Or you can even choose large bunches of beautiful florals like long-stemmed hydrangeas, gladiolas, and pampas grass to decorate your wedding aisle and even the centrepieces on tables. Crystal-studded canopies and tall candle bars can add a magical scene to your centerpieces. As no fairy tale romantic wedding theme is complete without an enchanted venue, pay attention to this and choose hilltops, large mansions or castles featuring old-world allure, or structures with wrought iron accents and stone architecture to make the most beautiful wedding photo backdrop.

2. Vintage Glamour

Sometimes, the best lessons are from the past. Embracing the charm and elegance of the past in your wedding theme will signify the start of a vintage love together. You can think of a wedding with 70s flair or 1920s clothing. Also, classic styles brought to light centuries or decades past are the core of vintage wedding themes. Even still, the late 1800s Victorian style is one of the most popular wedding aesthetics filled with vintage glamour. Regardless of the decade you are going for, find vintage-inspired vendors that include exclusive décor items in such themes, like ballroom settings, antique tables, lace fabrics, and decade-specific accents and props. Some of the most well-known vintage wedding themes include the Roaring 20s, Ancient Greece, the Nifty 50s, Medieval Times, and The Victorian Era. 

3. Bohemian Chic

If you want to create a free-spirited and relaxed environment during your wedding, choose a quaint Bohemian location with the freshness of the countryside. This theme features nature-inspired and organic décor, like brooches, flowers, and books that offer a Bohemian touch to your modern wedding concept. Arrange flowers to enhance the overall wedding theme by adding unusual sweets, such as candies, chocolate-covered almonds, and popcorn. Also, your Bohemian-inspired wedding attire may be playful and colourful, with several whimsical designs. In the spirit of a Bohemian wedding, your attire could be a bell-sleeve or mermaid maxi dress or a backless lace gown with a long train.   

4. Rustic Charm

Rustic wedding themes are all about embracing the DIY design aspects, as many of the decorative items included in the overall wedding setup are done by hand without any previous crafting experience. Natural elements and materials, like old lanterns, mason jar table settings, woody elements, and hand-picked flower bouquets, are excellent choices for the perfect rustic wedding theme photoshoot. Further, this wedding theme idea combines casual and cosy accents while embracing sustainability, fun, and nature. Rustic weddings are the best alternative wedding theme because their earthy colours and wood fixtures perfectly contrast with a classic wedding theme. As for the location, you can choose anything from barns, farms, and warehouses to woodlands and lakes.

5. Whimsical Wonderland

If you are looking to create a whimsical wonderland during your venue, get ready to incorporate bright splashes of wedding theme colour and quirky components and design elements, such as multicoloured streamers and balloons, mismatched chairs, and punchy floral arrangements. Couples can also let out their wild side with a whimsical animal theme featuring animal figures in the wedding décor. You can even provide guests with delightful animal masks during the event. 

6. Beach Paradise

The sound of the tide, the feel of fresh sea breeze, and the smell of salt air while exchanging vows, there can be nothing better than a wedding by the beach. You can either plan a destination beach wedding at one of the most stunning beaches in the world or bring in the laid-back vibes of the beach to your wedding with décor elements, like corked bottles filled with sand, starfish, stripy bunting, pebbles, and shells. The shells used in a beach wedding theme décor can double as exclusive tea-light holders spread amongst the coral. To serve the wedding menu, guests can be seated in front of long wooden tables featuring blue linen napkins and white décor.

Or, if you are planning a beach destination wedding, why not arrange for a beach bonfire theme featuring beach games and fire pits that set the perfect stage for a relaxed and fun celebration? The menu for this wedding theme must include lobster rolls and seafood chowder, along with a DJ or live band playing beach-themed hits.    

7. Winter Wonderland

Want to transform your wedding into a winter fairy tale? Create a magical and festive environment with winter-themed décor ideas like lots of wool to create the look of the frosted window panes and deep colour palettes. Keep your guests cosy and warm on your winter wonderland wedding theme by arranging for a fireplace and hot cocoa bar. Hot chocolate truffles and roasted chestnuts on the menu can also add to the magical environment of your creative winter-themed wedding.

8. Hollywood Glam

Hollywood Glam is a wedding theme instantly gets you and your partner into the spotlight. Movie star, paparazzi, and red carpet-inspired décor will further help you both feel like a Hollywood star. Arrange for a glamorous dress code, walk down the red carpet entrance, and pose for the paparazzi to fill your wedding with a glamorous appeal. Besides serving cocktails, like caviar and champagne, you can even have a DJ or live band playing classic Hollywood hits. Also, decorate the wedding venue with Oscar statuettes and movie posters.    

9. Garden Oasis

Garden-themed weddings incorporate natural elements that create a beautiful and serene environment. Implementing beautiful floral decorations and greenery into the gorgeous outdoor setting, cake, clothing, and table elements are key components of a garden oasis wedding theme. Such weddings allow the guests to have a great time outdoors, breathing in fresh air and dancing barefoot in the grass. You can even host a botanical wedding in a greenhouse and have plant-themed wedding favours, such as green invitations or houseplants.

With these ten exclusive and extraordinary wedding themes, your big day will surely be unforgettable and one-of-a-kind. Whether you are looking to transfer your guests to the outdoor space, the Italian countryside or Hollywood, the themes on this list will suit your style and personality. If you are looking for a modern wedding photoshoot venue to go with your chosen wedding theme, https://elementscelebrate.com/  is the right choice. 

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