10 Indian Wedding Backdrop Ideas for a dreamy wedding

Indian weddings are events celebrated in a special, grand, and extravagant way. For Indians, the bride and the groom entering into holy matrimony holds great significance.

So they don’t cut corners when they enter into wedlock.

This union is witnessed and blessed by elders, friends, and families. Different religions and castes follow different customs and have many ceremonies that are unique to each.

But if there is one thing common in an Indian wedding, it is the wedding decoration. Among all the other decorations, the wedding stage is given more importance.

So when arranging for this event, Indian wedding backdrop ideas become critical. 

Why is the wedding stage so important? What is the first thing you notice when you enter a wedding hall? Is it the bride and the groom? No. It is the wedding decor.

There is no denying that the grandeur of the wedding depends hugely on the backdrop of the Mandap.

Also, wedding pictures look so much more beautiful with a beautiful background.

So couples want a wedding stage decoration that is unique and fresh. It should also reflect their story, their likes, and their preferences.

So for those on the hunt for stage decoration ideas, here is a list to make your wedding ceremony a dream come true.

Factors that play an essential role in Wedding Decoration

Before you dive into the wedding decoration ideas, here are a few factors to consider which play a critical role in doing up the wedding stage.


Flowers for Indian Wedding Backdrop Ideas

Fresh flowers always hold an important place in all essential functions, and it remains so even for weddings. Adding flowers to the stage becomes bright and soothing to the eyes.

It also adds a lovely fragrance and can hold an exceptional place in the stage decoration. 


The colours that go to the stage should be chosen based on the outfit of the couple and the time of the wedding. One can use colorful flowers and other accessories for many artworks.

The artwork should be such that it does not camouflage the outfit of the groom and the bride.


Adding fragrance to the stage is also an important factor and is possible by choosing the right type of flowers. Ask your event manager to choose flowers like jasmine, which gives a pleasant fragrance and enhances energy and mood.

Decorative Props

Decorative Props

For instance, if you choose a theme-based backdrop or a photo booth, decorative props come in handy. Choose these props wisely to add different elements to the stage. 


This is an essential aspect of a stage that looks well-decorated. The light should be neither too bright nor dull. It should be appropriate so that the environment looks composed and calm and provide the right effect for the wedding photos.

Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas

A floral Stage with white and red flowers

Choose something different instead of the usual shapes and go for a semi-spherical decked stage. Pick flowers of red and white hues and mix them with cascading ornaments and baby pink and white drapes.

This charming stage can be added with a chandelier that comes right through the cascading adornments. To add a vintage touch, include a sofa made of brass, and you can see that it gracefully blends with the other decorations.

The classic Indian wedding backdrop

Red and gold hues are classic, and you can never go wrong with these choices. It is timeless and is the best choice for a big fat wedding.

This is ideal if you are opting for a traditional Indian wedding. Also, these colors look traditional and festive for all the beautiful functions that take place during the wedding.

Luxurious backdrop with white and gold

If red and gold are timeless, white and gold are another classic combination. Add a hint of red to this combo and get a lavishing-looking backdrop that looks good in all the photographs.

Add a white backdrop and olive and pink drapes with vintage flower vases. If you want to add a royal look, use carpeted floors with white chairs and red cushions and wedding tables.

Royal wedding backdrop

Royal wedding backdrop

Want to marry like royalty? If you want to marry like them, the decoration should do its part too. Choose a wedding decor that looks like an Indian palace.

The Rajwada theme is one such, which is a royal Rajasthani wedding that takes you back to the Rajput era. It comes with colorful props, pots, and rangolis and is a festive but loud theme.

These are marriage decorations with giant chandeliers and sets that are good for those who don’t want flowers.

A starry affair

Like everything jazzy and glitzy? Then choose this wedding decoration with handcrafted oversized flowers, white and silver hanging decorations, and shimmering gold strings.

The quirkiness of this backdrop is unparalleled. Among all this jazz, choose simple white chairs for seating, add candles on the tables, and have a classic but magical wedding stage ready.

A simple wedding stage

A simple wedding stage is for those who want it classy and glam, yet nothing over the top. White is one such color that is all this and more.

You can have a wedding stage with white flowers if all-white works. Add a red carpet at the foot of the stage and a comfortable sofa to the mix. 

If white is not your favorite option, choose a floral backdrop made of red or pink flowers. Add flower vases to the sides and some good lighting, and it becomes the perfect stage for a couple who likes to keep things simple and subtle.

White stage with colors of lighting

Terrariums, hanging mogra garlands, white baubles on a rounded structure, and some colorful but calming lighting make for a romantic wedding stage.

The combination of the flowers and lighting makes for a super calming wedding stage that is a classic.

Gold Mandap for classic elegance

The brass and gold combination exudes richness and classic elegance. Choose a detailed and exquisitely designed brass framework with a unique dome made of brass leaves; this setting will surely get you some compliments.

Add more grandeur to the stage by including antique decorative pieces, classy chairs, and a golden framed upholstered sofa. 

A colourful rustic stage for happy vibes

Make a dome-shaped Mandap and deck it with florals of multiple colors. Add a white sofa against the backdrop, along with some stunning chandeliers. Floral trees on each side of the stage become a beautiful sight.

A simple rustic stage in pink

Make a pink wall and install a beautiful branch bent to one side. To the other side of the wall, add flower vases and deck it with colorful blooms. Include two simple white chairs, and the stage looks simple but rich.

The pink wall is the best way to simplify the stage without looking boring.

These are some Indian wedding decoration ideas for the main event and the wedding reception, ranging from simple to luxurious to extravagant. Choose any of the above and add your touch to suit your style and preferences. 

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How do I choose a wedding backdrop?

Choose a wedding backdrop based on your outfit. If it is heavy with embroidery, choose a simple backdrop. Also, pick the backdrop colors different from your outfit. Avoid choosing deep colors for the background, as it can make the photos appear darker. Also, consider whether you are getting married during the day or night. Pastel colors work for a day wedding, and brighter colors for night weddings.

How big should a wedding backdrop be?

The wedding backdrop should have a height of 8 to 10 ft and a clearance of 10 feet in front of the backdrop. The width of the backdrop has to be about 10 ft to accommodate about six people. If you expect larger groups, then keep the width about 20 feet.

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