4 First Tooth Photoshoot Ideas for Your Newborn

Oh, how thrilling it is, watching the ‘firsts’ of your bundle of joy. Their first laugh, their first throw, and now, their first tooth!

As parents, you feel the need to capture each of those and immortalise them in a picture. While you might have missed the first giggle, here are a couple of first-tooth photoshoot ideas to kickstart your journey.

Ready to Brush That Tooth?

Familiarise them with the friend they will meet the first thing in the morning—the toothbrush. 

Click a picture of those tiny hands trying to hold the brush. We suggest going for a burst shot and finding the perfect one later.  

1 Down, 19 to Go

An infant develops 20 teeth as primary teeth. 

With the first one already here, pose your newborn with a background having the quote—“1 Down, 19 to Go” You can get creative with how you portray the 1 and the 19. 

A Close-Up Shot

Time to get close with the lens!

Zoom in on the baby’s first tooth and capture it in all its glory, covered in gum on both sides. One of the parents might have to keep his/her mouth open to get the perfect shot. 

Get a Custom Outfit

Not like you were looking for a reason to get a new outfit for the cute heart, but this is the perfect one.

Get a custom outfit for the first tooth photoshoot. It can be a bright colour or have the month (name or number) they developed this tooth printed on it. 

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How do you take a picture of a baby’s first tooth?

You might have to engage the baby in some activity to ensure its mouth stays open for the shot. You will also have to be patient or use the burst shot setting & filter the results later.

What to do when the baby has the first tooth?

Your doctor would have prepared you for this moment in advance. If not, schedule a dentist appointment so that they can guide you through the process. 

Is the first tooth a milestone?

All of the baby’s ‘firsts’ are milestones for the parents. After all, this is the sign that your bundle of joy is growing up!

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