6 Baby Shower Photoshoot Ideas to Mark Your Transition to Motherhood

Bringing new life into the world is an event of joy, not just for the parents but for friends and relatives too. 

A baby shower is a perfect way to get all your loved ones together under one roof and celebrate this marvellous occasion. Apart from the events you planned for the day, another thing on the list is to think about baby shower photoshoot ideas.

Lucky for you, we got that covered!

Here are 6 baby shower photography ideas to mark your transition into motherhood. 

The First Family Photo

The first of many baby shower photo ideas, let us start with a family photo!

Your bundle of joy might need a few more months to arrive but he/she can still make the frame. Place both parents next to each other with a perfect backdrop (stay tuned to know where to get it) for a memorable picture. The parents are free to go for any pose they see fit—from the classic hand on the belly to a loving hug from behind. 

Showering the Love

The mother cycles through many emotions during pregnancy. So, what better way to celebrate the baby shower than showering her with love?

Seat her on a comfortable chair and gather your family and friends around. Count down from 3 and throw flower petals in the air, pointing towards the mother to make an aesthetic photo. 

Candid All the Way

For the next baby shower pics ideas, let’s go candid.

Forget that a photographer exists! Or better, count them in as a friend. Give them the freedom to express their style of photography. Stop worrying about photo poses, just be in the moment, laugh and enjoy with your family and let the professionals handle the rest. 

Can You Hear Me?

They say your unborn baby can hear your voice after a certain point in the pregnancy. Why not fill the surrounding aura with positivity?

As for the photo, the subject can stand close to the belly, whispering words of love to it. 

Bonus idea: A reverse of this makes for another creative photo. The subject tries to hear the voice of the child through the womb, keeping their ears glued to the belly.

Written Messages

For those who believe actions are louder than words, you can write your special message to the baby on a note.

Get yourself clicked with the note, next to the belly. 

Low Light & Silhouette 

As the sun sets on the party, time to get to the creative end of the baby shower photoshoot ideas.

With the mother as the subject, lower the camera’s light settings to capture a perfect low-light shot. You can take it up a notch by reducing the exposure to where you only capture the silhouette.

Remember the backdrop we promised to tell you about?

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How do you take good baby shower pictures?

You can take pose inspiration from our ideas mentioned above. Apart from that, ensure that the mother feels happy & comfortable for the best natural shots.

What are unique baby shower ideas?

You can take the party outside provided that the weather is right. A few more unique ideas include a couple’s buffet, a tea party, painting the room, and a storytelling competition.

How do I plan my small intimate baby shower?

If you wish to have a small intimate baby shower, just invite close family on both sides.

How much do you charge for baby shower photography?

We understand the happiness of the occasion which is why we have an affordable and justified price. Let’s hop on a call to discuss it.

How should I prepare for a baby photoshoot?

It can be a vexing day with so many photos to get ‘the right shot’. We suggest focusing on your loved ones and trying to stay as relaxed as possible.

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