12 Amazing Mehndi Photoshoot Poses for You


The Indian Wedding has many functions leading up to the wedding itself. The Mehndi ceremony, an important occasion, ‌is one of the few days when the bride can enjoy a day off from planning ‘the perfect wedding’!

It is the day when the bride’s hands are adorned with beautiful henna designs. It’s usually followed by an evening filled with music and joy, surrounded by her loved ones.

If you are frantically looking at Google & Pinterest for Mehndi photoshoot ideas, your search ends here. We put in the work for you and have picked some of the most amazing poses for Mehndi that will get you your perfect shot.

 Bride in The Making

Applying Mehndi is a tedious & time-consuming process. So why not start our list of Mehndi photo shoot poses while it is still going on?

Get clicked while the henna artist is still at work. You can look at the design, pose while instructing them, laugh with your family for some candids or drop a gorgeous smile straight into the lens. This not only captures the beautiful bride, but the effort it takes on both sides to sit through the process.

A Flower to Hold

Let’s put your beautiful henna-clad hands to use. After it’s dried, you can hold a flower (or a bouquet) for a close-up shot capturing both your hands and the flowers. In the case of a single flower, place it in the middle of both your hands to create a vibrant look.

Alternatively, you can wear a bridal floral jewellery set for a few bridal mehndi poses. You can pose resting your hands on your outfit, calling out to someone in the crowd or grabbing a piece of sheer cloth.

Focus on The Mehndi Please!

Time to bring the focus to the transformation of the day. 

Plan a close-up shot focusing on the mehndi. You can challenge the photographer to find and click the groom’s name hidden in the design. Another idea is to have a mid-range shot but with the camera’s focus fixed on the mehndi, letting your face blur into the background.

A Shy Bride

Who doesn’t love candids, that too with those gorgeous hands!

Ask Team Bride to crack up a few jokes to get you smiling, gossiping and laughing for some awesome candid shots. You can also shy away from the camera, resting your hand on your face slightly or even covering it partially. This pose aims to bring out the best feminine side of the bride. 

Close-up Shot

The mehndi had its time to shine in a close-up shot, now it is your turn. This is one of the mehndi ceremony poses with the focus on you, after all, it’s your big day! 

Best in monochrome, this shot tries to capture all that you are feeling with your eyes into a perfect picture. You can also ask the photographer to shift the focus from your eyes to other features of your face for a few variations. It’s up to you to add a hint of your henna-covered hands to the frame.

Cue The Flowers

One of the most Instagram-able shots on the list, the silhouette shot is romantic, mysterious, and adds the wow factor to the pregnancy photo shoot. 

It’s a pretty easy shot to set up. Start by placing the parents against a bright background like the sun or artificial strong lighting. With the ISO set low and the flash switched off, the idea is to tell the story of their beautiful journey by relying on the shape of their bodies rather than the entire image. When clicked right, it can be an instant favourite among all the other options. 

No, we aren’t done with the flower category of our Mehndi photoshoot poses.

Cover up your face because your friends and family are going to shower you with flowers! The shower of vivid colours brings a special type of life to this shot, capturing all the merry faces and the beautiful bride. You can try this pose with different flowers and end the series with a mixed flower petal shower!

Low-angle Shot

Time for the cameraman to get low, low, low!

When done right, a low-angle shot has the potential to be a classy bridal mehndi photo pose. Outstretch your arms in front of your face to form a triangle. Then bring your arms down to the level of your navel for a unique shot. You can try different variations with your hands and can also use props.

Frame on Frame

One of the best poses for Mehndi, this idea shows off both your henna and creativity.

Make a frame with your hand/hands and ask the photographer to integrate that into their frame of the shot. You can opt for a triangle, square, circle or hand-made heart. Another idea is to use props with cut-outs to achieve similar results. Ask your parents to help with this pose and pose through a heart made by their nurturing hands. 

One With the Gang

Gather all the members of the team bride for this one, the more the merrier!

There are many poses to try with your team, let’s go over a few of them quickly. The first idea is a classic group shot with the bride in the middle, the surrounding people can either throw flower petals in the air or show off their mehndi designs. The second shot has the bride’s smiling face at the centre of the frame surrounded by the henna-clad hands of every member of the team bride. You can get a few more interesting pictures by changing the hand variations in the second shot. 

I See You

Time to Show off the intricate design of your mehndi with this pose. 

Cover half of your face with one hand, flashing the dorsal side of the design. The photographer can focus solely on the henna design or capture half of your face, smiling into the lens. You can switch the position of your hand and use it to cover different parts of your face to bring out other features to light. For instance, if you have matching eye makeup, we suggest bringing both hands before your mouth, right below your eyes. 

Partners Forever

Calling the groom, calling the groom, please visit your bride.

Let’s switch to Mehndi photoshoot poses with the groom in the picture. With his back to the camera, pose with your hands on his back or his shoulder in a dancer’s pose. Another idea is a lovely front shot with you holding hands with the love of your life. Close-up shots of Mehndi work well, with your outfits filling the rest of the frame. You may also walk hand in hand, talking and letting the photographers work their magic with candid photos. 

Put on Your Dancing Shoes

Which Indian celebration is complete without dancing?

It is a moment of joy so put on your dancing shoes and bring everyone to the dance floor. As you, the groom, your friends, and your family enjoy your hearts out, ask the photographer to click candid shots focusing on your Mehndi. While sorting and selecting the best one from these could later be a hassle, it will be worth the time and effort. 

Bonus Pose: Feet Henna 

How can we forget the feet? Most brides love getting Mehndi on their feet too. 

From a close-up shot to walking on the grass and sitting with the legs crossed, you can use many of the poses used earlier with posing with the feet too, including getting clicked with the girl gang. Another popular photoshoot idea is lifting your lehenga/suit to reveal your Mehndi. 

Clicking all the Mehndi photos in one place makes for a boring album, regardless of how versatile your poses are. Backgrounds that complement your henna’s colour can bring a wow factor to your pictures. Luckily, you don’t need to look far.

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What is the purpose of Mehndi designs?

Mehndi is applied in various patterns and designs that enhance the beauty of the bride. Some designs carry deeper meaning with them. For instance, leafy designs are symbolic of liveliness, whereas the popular circular mandala design represents the wholeness of the universe.

What are the 2 interesting features of Mehndi?

There are many interesting facts and features of using Mehndi. Because of its high antiseptic properties, it can offer protection from viral diseases. It also has medicinal properties and is known to reduce stress and headaches.

On what occasion does one usually apply Mehndi?

Mehndi holds importance in Indian culture. Not just before marriage, it is also applied during Karva Chauth and other moments of celebration and significance. 

How to take a picture with Mehndi?

You can refer to our ideas on how to pose with your Mehndi. To summarise a few—you can try a close-up shot, a group picture, with the groom and lots of candids.

What is Mehndi a symbol of?

Mehndi signifies the love, respect and affection between the bride, the groom and their respective families. It is considered holy and holds an important role in matrimonial celebrations.

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