5 Anniversary Photoshoot Ideas to Make Everyone Go Wow


Love is everlasting and each anniversary is proof of that. 

A wedding anniversary is another day for couples to remember and celebrate their love for each other. If you wish to take it up a notch than simply saying ‘I Love You’, here are 5 Anniversary photoshoot ideas that will make everyone go wow. 

A Romantic Getaway

Office to house and back again. Most couples stuck in this monotonous routine look for special occasions like this one to take a break. Why not go on a romantic getaway?

Land a location that you both wish to visit. Every beautiful city has its vibe and romantic places to get clicked. Keep enough background in the frame to keep things interesting. 

Weathering the Storm

Marriage isn’t all roses, instead, it has its rough patches, silly fights and small arguments. As you congratulate each other on weathering that storm, how about a literal one?

We are kidding! Not a storm but a picture in the rain could make for an amazing anniversary moment. Pose hugging your significant other or even gifting them with a sweet kiss. This is one of the best first anniversary photoshoot ideas. 

Recreate Your Wedding Day

Marriages settle down as years roll by. Your wedding day might have become a distant memory, so we suggest refreshing it.

Don’t wait till your 50th anniversary to recreate your wedding. You can opt to recreate parts of it with props and your wedding outfit (provided it still fits). From playing fishing the ring again or re-taking your vows, many picture-perfect moments are hidden in this anniversary photoshoot idea. 

Act Out Your Love Story

Another unique idea is to act out your love story.

Gather the family and act out your story, how you met, the story of your first date, and what you liked about the other at first sight, there are many things you can cover! You can make it intriguing by doing only the actions and letting your close ones fill in the gaps with dialogue. Great idea to fish a few cute candid photos. 

May I Have This Dance?

From time immemorial, dancing has been a way of expressing passion.

Take the hand of your beloved and dance away to a slow song (maybe you have a favourite?). You don’t have to go for complex dance routines, just be in the moment and go with the steps that come naturally. The right background and lighting can pave the way for some romantic pictures. 

One day to cover all these ideas doesn’t seem possible at first, that’s where something like Elements comes to the rescue. 

They offer a breathtaking photo shoot location where love blossoms amidst lush greenery, creating a romantic and dreamy sanctuary for couples. Enveloped in nature’s embrace, our enchanting garden sets the stage for an ethereal fairy tale experience, as you and your beloved create memories that will last a lifetime.

To answer who they are–Elements is the largest chain of photoshoot locations in India with photoshoot locations in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Coimbatore. 

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How do you plan an anniversary photoshoot?

Research is key. After shortlisting a few ideas, run it by your partner to see which ideas they wish to move forward with, and plan your photoshoot accordingly.

How do you take romantic pictures?

It’s not rocket science for married couples to take romantic pictures together. Keep in mind to be comfortable with the surroundings and focus on how you feel with each other, focusing less on the photography part.

How do I arrange my photoshoot at home?

You can use what’s in your home as props in the photo shoot. Interact with them and try to click in as many different rooms as possible.

What is the best plan for an anniversary?

The best plan for an anniversary depends on the type of couple you are and how you like spending your free time. Nobody would want to spend their entire day on a photoshoot which is why going to a photoshoot location is more practical.

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