Capture the Most Exclusive Moments of Your Baby Girl With These 1 Month Baby Girl Photoshoot Ideas

Congratulations! Your baby girl is one month old, and it is the best time to take some cool photos of your little munchkin. capture those aww moments with some of the most interesting 1-month baby girl photoshoot ideas at home. With just a bit of patience, planning and creativity, you will be all set to do a baby photoshoot at home. Here are a few ideas that can help you out:

Make a Big Announcement!

As parents, you may be eager to announce the birth of your baby girl to the world. Updating your social media feed with a boring photo and some text is a big NO. Put in some effort and create memories you can cherish forever. One of the best things about one-month baby girl photoshoot ideas at home is that you do not require fancy props. Instead, you can look around the house and find simple items that can be used in the photoshoot. These include:

  • Weighing a scale or dumbbell to show your baby girl’s weight.
  • Measuring scale or tape to show her height
  • An old toy of yours placed beside your baby girl to add sentimental value.
  • An old watch or clock to show the time of birth.
  • Wooden blocks or scrabble tiles to spell out your baby girl’s name
  • Fresh flowers to create an extra feminine environment
  • Choose themes like seasons, colours, sports or festivals and stick to them.
  • A calendar showing your baby girl’s date of birth.

You can lay any of these things flat on a beautiful carpet, sheet or blanket that will make a wonderful background for the shoot and click pictures from above.

The Cocoon Wrap

This is one of the most well-known and simplest 1-month baby girl photoshoot ideas at home. You must wrap your baby and tuck her legs and hands comfortably to take different shots. You can use different accessories and baby poses to make the photoshoot interesting. These include placing the baby’s palms on either side of her cheek, tucked under her chin or laying the baby on her stomach with a beautiful hairband. Ensure your baby is comfortable enough by opting for muslin, crochet or plain cotton wrap. Also, ensure the colour of the wrap complements the background and the remaining set properly.

Celebrating the 1-month milestone in your baby girl’s life is one of the most exciting times, and putting together an amazing photoshoot can help you create lasting memories. Don’t have the potential to take on a specific theme or props? You can find exclusive props and backdrops at Elements Baby. Their photoshoot location in Bangalore will help you create a wonderful visual story you can share with your daughter when she grows up.

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How do I take pictures of my 1-month-old?

The key to taking good pictures of your 1-month-old is to keep the newborn asleep, so you can get them in any pose you like. You can even place an electric blanket under the baby or use a heater to make them drowsy. They feel like they are still in the womb, and it is a safer way to click photos of a 1-month-old.

How should a 1-month-old baby pose?

The back pose, where the baby is placed on her back with the help of posing pillows, is one of the best poses for a 1-month-old baby’s photoshoot. The baby’s head and legs are curled in the same way as the baby’s position in the womb. The side pose and chin on-hand pose are also ideal poses for a 1-month-old baby photoshoot.

How do you wrap a 1-month-old for a photoshoot?

First, lay a stretchy wrap on your lap and fold its shorter side over the baby’s body. Next, secure it under the baby’s back. Now take the other side and do the same thing. Secure the bottom part and tuck the remaining wrap behind the baby’s body. That’s it; your baby is ready to pose. 

Is one month too old for newborn pictures?

No, one month old is not too late for a photoshoot. In fact, it is never too late to photograph a baby. But make sure to click pictures of your newborn in the first six months, as babies are more patient during this phase. As they start crawling and moving around, clicking their best pictures becomes difficult.

Which month is best for a baby photoshoot?

The months between 6 and 9 are the best for a baby photoshoot. During this phase, babies can sit confidently but cannot crawl. So, it becomes easier to capture their best images during this time.

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