Choosing the Perfect Engagement Photoshoot Outfits for Some Great Photos


Getting engaged is an exciting time filled with planning and celebration. Nevertheless, with all the varied celebrations that come with an engagement comes the struggle to find the best engagement photoshoot outfits. When it comes to engagements, people generally like to wear something chic and timeless that represents their style. If you are looking for inspiration, here are the classiest and most stunning Indian engagement dresses that will flatter your body shape and make you look amazing on camera:

Always Go for Neutrals

If you are looking for the most stylish engagement outfits, neutrals will be the right choice. Dresses in neutral colours compliment the surroundings and your partner, making it easier to accomplish the right look without removing the style factor from your outfit. Whether it is a gown or an Indo-western dress, light colours, such as crisp white or ivory, or earth tones, like olive green, beige, grey, or black, will help you create a polished appearance. For an extra pop of colour, choose the pastel tones of pink and blue or subtle floral patterns.

Floor Length Anarkali Gowns

An indo-western Anarkali gown is the perfect engagement outfit inspiration for Indian brides who want to set aside sarees and lehengas for other wedding functions. Opt for anarkali gowns in floral prints, bright colours, and pastels while keeping the dupattas light for a comfortable look and feel.

Gowns with Capes

These are in these days and are considered the best engagement photoshoot for their exclusive design. You will mostly find combinations of gowns and detachable sheer capes so that you can reuse your engagement photoshoot dress later on without the cape. Nevertheless, if your engagement is a simple affair, going for some traditional and breezy in the gown category may also work.

Traditional Engagement Dresses for Couples

If you are looking for traditional engagement attire for couples, add a modern charm to your photoshoot in a designer Anarkali and a three-piece suit. While the bride-to-be can rock in a metallic Anarkali, the fashionable groom will look extra dashing in a dark blue formal suit. A purple sherwani and contrasting lehenga will also go well together, provided the lehenga is more ethnic while the sherwani is velvet-textured.


So, there you have it- the best engagement photoshoot outfits that correctly represent you and your style. Besides the outfit, focus on the beautiful ring, your smiling faces, and undeniable chemistry. Celebrate your love story with the perfect engagement photoshoot at Elements. When you choose the  Elements photoshoot venue, you may have a blast posing and playing around with an assortment of exclusive props.

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What factors should couples consider when selecting their engagement outfits?

Factors to consider when choosing engagement outfits include:
– Location
– Engagement photoshoot theme
– Consider bringing extra outfits
– Accessories
– Weather condition

Can you suggest outfit ideas for different engagement photoshoot themes?

Some of the best outfit ideas for different engagement photoshoot themes include fitted, square line, halter neck dresses, ruffled dresses, midi dresses, Anarkali suits, puff-sleeve gowns, floral-printed off-shoulder outfits, and luxurious silk lehengas.   

What are some popular trends in engagement attire for Indian weddings?

Some of the most popular trends in engagement attire for Indian weddings are ornate patterns and bright colours. Stylish, regal, and classic, sherwanis for men are popular choices when finalizing engagement outfits. Intriguing house of mustard, white, blue, and bronze are also making their way into modern engagement outfits, crystals, 3D ornamentation, interchangeable ensembles, elaborative narratives, and bustier cuts.

How can I coordinate my outfit with my partner’s for a cohesive look?  

The best way to coordinate your outfit with your partner’s for a cohesive appearance is by complementing each other’s outfits but not matching the same. Remember that patterned prints and matching outfits are not perfect for portrait sessions. When coordinating each other’s outfits, decide how you dress, and look for solid prints and complementary colours.  

Are there any specific colour choices that work well for engagement photos?

When choosing colours to wear for engagement photos, you must always go for neutral hues that will help create a timeless and classic appearance. So, opt for beige, brown, white, black and cream. However, if you want more colour, choose pastels like baby blue, blush pink and sage green. You can go with forest green, rust, and navy blue in deeper colour choices.

What should I consider when choosing engagement outfits for specific seasons or locations?

When choosing engagement outfits for specific locations or seasons, consider the comfort factor first. Next, go with lighter layers and flowy materials in a pastel colour palette, which will help you look fresh and clean in your photos. You must choose lighter fabrics and bright colours even for a summer engagement photoshoot. Rich and dark-coloured olive green and maroon layers look perfect for winter engagement photoshoots.

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