5 Great Beach Family Photoshoot Ideas


Family photos are precious, but if you’re stressed about getting ready for your beach family photoshoot session, don’t worry; you’re not alone! We’ve created a comprehensive guide for taking family photos with kids, and we’ve made it simple to follow, from getting your family in front of the camera to displaying your pictures on your walls. 

In this guide, we’ve included sunset beach photoshoot tips to help you capture beautiful family photos you’ll cherish forever.


Time to flex those arm muscles! Babies adore being lifted in the air, especially when no seatbelts or tray tables are involved. To do the ‘airplane’ pose, pick up your baby boy or girl and raise them high like an airplane taking off! (Pro tip: Making airplane ‘whooshing’ noises can bring out big smiles and giggles from the whole family.)

This pose is an excellent chance for the dad to do the heavy lifting while the mom can showcase her stylish outfit and accessories and have some playful moments in front of the camera. If you’re feeling a bit shy, that’s okay too! Mom can stand behind Dad and look up at the adorable baby. 

 Everyone can join in on the excitement, making it interactive and entertaining, specifically toward the end of the photo session when you want to let loose. And remember, your airplane can fly gently or do some exciting acrobatics—it’s up to you. This pose is easy to adjust to your liking.

Monkey In The Middle

One of the best ways to capture the lively spirit of a toddler is to make them the focus of attention! Toddlers sometimes feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, but there’s a simple trick. 

Surrounding your child with family members helps them relax, leading to more natural interactions and, in turn, more genuine photos! This pose, known as “monkey in the middle,” works whether you’re sitting, standing, running, swinging, or jumping, so go ahead and put that toddler right in the middle! 

Get up close for a family snuggle, and throw in a tickle or two for those lovely candid shots with those big toddler smiles. Just like the baby years, these unpredictable toddler years will pass quickly, so use the opportunity to be together and celebrate all the moments you’ve shared as a family so far.

 Swing The Youngest

Here’s a classic Family beach photoshoot pose kids love – called ‘Swing the Youngest.’ Almost all kids enjoy being swung around, and the best part is that the ones doing the swinging usually get tired before the little swingers do! 

To give the adults a little break, this can be a fun activity for older brothers or sisters or a combination of a parent and a sibling swinging the youngest family member. 

This ‘pose’ is adaptable, whether on sand, grass, a hard surface, or even jumping off curbs or rocks. If Mom is wearing a dress, she can use her free hand to play with her dress or toss her hair for a spontaneous and fresh look. Be creative, and have a blast!

Casual Stroll

The casual stroll is one of the most genuine yet efficient shots for the entire family. It’s a fantastic way to help everyone chill and feel comfortable together. All you have to do is take a relaxed walk! 

It allows adults to walk casually, with their hands by their sides, in their pockets, or even crossed in front of them with a calm attitude. You can do it your way—walk together, looking relaxed and laid-back. 

Playing Beach Games

Gather your family for an amusing day out at the beach, and let the fun begin! Seize the joy and chuckle as you captivate in classic beach activities like beach frisbee, volleyball, or building sandcastles. These action shots display your family’s liveliness, togetherness, and enchanting beach backdrop. 

Whether it’s a competitive match or a casual game, candid moments of enjoyment and teamwork make for unforgettable photographs that summarise the ethos of a beach vacation. 

From diving catches to victorious enjoyments, these photos will secure the adored memories of your beach adventure for years to come.

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A beach family photoshoot is a fantastic way to seize the spirit of fun, togetherness, and natural beauty. Every beach element encapsulates an alluring backdrop for your family memories, from the shining waves and golden sands to the laughter, smiles, and funny interactions. 

The seashells, sunsets, and salty air lend special touches to your photographs, making them unique. Whether building sandcastles, sharing a meal by the seashore, or appreciating a game of beach volleyball, the beach offers multiple candid and heartwarming photoshoot opportunities. 

So, grasp the elements, dive into the beachy vibes, and create lasting memories with a beach family photoshoot you’ll treasure for a lifetime.


 What are the best times of day for a beach family photoshoot to capture stunning lighting?

The “golden hour” refers to the period just after sunrise and just before sunset when the sky exhibits a warm, reddish hue, creating a softer and more visually appealing atmosphere than the harsh sunlight during the day. During this time, photographers prefer to capture nature scenes as it reduces the risk of overexposed photos.

 How can I ensure my family looks coordinated but not overly matchy-matchy in their outfits?

To achieve a coordinated yet not overly matchy-matchy look for your family, choose a colour palette or theme and have each member incorporate it into their outfit in their unique style, adding individual touches and accessories.

Are there any beach-specific props or accessories that can enhance the photoshoot?

Certainly, for a beach photoshoot, consider using props like a beach umbrella, surfboards, seashells, or colourful beach towels. Accessories like sun hats, sunglasses, or barefoot sandals can also add a charming touch.

What poses work well for a relaxed and natural look in beach family photos?

For a relaxed and natural look in beach family photos, opt for candid interactions like walking along the shoreline, playing in the waves, or sharing a laugh while sitting on a beach blanket.

How can I manage wind and hair issues during a beach photoshoot?

To manage wind and hair issues at the beach, consider using hair clips or ties, applying some hair product, or choosing a sheltered spot with less wind for your photoshoot.

What should I consider when choosing the right beach location for our family photoshoot?

When selecting a beach location for a family photoshoot, consider factors like the time of day for ideal lighting, the backdrop (rocky, sandy, or palm-lined), accessibility, and the level of privacy desired.

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