Find the Best Baby Photoshoot Places in Chennai and Commemorate Your Parenthood

Create Pictures Like Never Before at the Best Baby Photoshoot Places in Chennai

At times, do you feel that your newborn is growing up pretty fast? Well, you are not alone as all new parents feel the same. What about capturing these fast-growing months of your baby to be cherished for a lifetime? Picture every phase of your child’s growth to adore for a lifetime by choosing the best places in Chennai for a baby photoshoot. A couple of the best kids’ outdoor photoshoot places in Chennai are as follows:

Elements on East Coast

One of the most premium baby outdoor photoshoot places in Chennai, Elements on the East Coast, offers 50 dreamy backdrops for that exclusive baby photoshoot. Coupled with this is grand lighting and décor that will surely give your newborn’s photo shoot a different appeal altogether. The garden here connects all the backgrounds and the lighting. With its location just a few steps away from the beach, this property is perhaps the best location for newborn baby photoshoots in Chennai.  

At Elements, you get access to all the backdrops and one basic changing room as part of your package. Note that all the rooms at this place are air-conditioned and feature a chair and mirror. You need not worry about baby makeup artists as you can arrange everything at Elements. Besides that, get some of the best baby photoshoot props for exclusive kids’ photography.

Elements on East Coast, Chennai has over 50 backdrops and grand lighting for its guests. The garden has been woven in to connect all the backdrops and its lighting. The property is just a few steps away from the beach.

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VGP Golden Beach

If you want top-quality portrait photos of your newborn, VGP Beach would be your ideal destination. This private beach is managed by VGP Universal Kingdom amusement park and is one of the most attractive beaches in Chennai. It has long been the most preferred location for movie shoots, so you would not be wrong to choose it as a baby photoshoot in Chennai. Above everything else, it is one of Chennai’s cleanest beaches, perfect for a baby photoshoot.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which month is best for a baby photoshoot?

Babies develop neck strength at varied rates, but the months between 2 and 4 are generally the best for baby photoshoots. This is a lovely age to capture the precious moments of your still tiny baby but full of personality.

Is 3-weeks too late for newborn pictures?

No, 3 weeks is not too late for newborn pictures. Babies at 2 weeks are more alert and have longer wake duration, making it easier to capture some of the most fantastic photos.

What should I wear for a baby photoshoot?

Wear clothes that do not wrinkle very easily. Since you need to hold the baby for a long time, your dress might get wrinkled, which will make the photos appear dull. Also, avoid clothes that you need to adjust over and over again. Try to wear clothes in small prints and solid colors.

What age is best for newborn photos?

The best age for newborn photos is between 5 and 25 days. During this time, infants are still sleepy and curled up so they can be placed the way one prefers for a photoshoot.

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