Capture Magical Photos at the Best Maternity Photoshoot places in Hyderabad

Enhance the Memories of Your Pregnancy at the Best Maternity Photoshoot places in Hyderabad

Maternity photoshoot places in Hyderabad are locations where a pregnant, soon-to-be-mother can capture some of the most graceful moments of her life.

Passing the long lane of the memories of carrying your little bundle of joy within you is one of the best experiences, and you can have this captured at some of the best places for maternity photoshoots in Hyderabad.

Capturing the moments of maternity at some of the most beautiful maternity photoshoot places can be bliss even if you are not feeling your best in those late pregnancy months. The two most important things you need, along with a great location for a pregnancy photoshoot in Hyderabadare a good photographer and some hard-core preparation.

Let’s have a look at some of the most exclusive 9-month pregnancy photoshoot locations in Hyderabad:

Elements First

Whether you want a baby shower or a pregnancy photo shoot, find everything at Elements First. This is one of the gorgeous maternity photoshoot locations in Hyderabad where you can feel highly comfortable.

This premium pregnancy photoshoot location in Hyderabad features beautifully landscaped gardens. So, you can think of the unique photoshoot poses and get yourself captured here in complete peace and tranquillity. Apart from this, get more than 50 backdrops in your package to capture some of the most fantastic photographs.

You have the flexibility to book individual slots or combine several slots to get more photoshoot time at the location. Here, you can get rooms only for booked time slots, and they cannot be reserved stand-alone before the timing of the booked shoots. Your maternity photo shoot package at Elements First gives you access to all the backdrops, decorative lighting, and one air-conditioned changing room with a chair and mirror.

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Movie Towers Area

The Movie Towers area in Hyderabad features a large natural rock formation along with nearby quarries, making it one of the most adventurous and lively maternity photoshoot locations in Hyderabad.

If time permits, try to schedule your maternity photoshoot here just after the rainy season when there’s greenery and water everywhere.

It is also one of the best photoshoot locations in Hyderabad to have aerial and drone shots. Nevertheless, being pregnant, be careful when climbing down the ridges here.

The best thing about this maternity photoshoot location in Hyderabad is that it does not witness many crowds despite its natural and scenic charm.

ORR Parallel Road

Nehru Outer Ring Road is an 8-lane ring road expressway covering 158 kilometers in Hyderabad. The parallel road connecting to the ORR is quite photogenic and scenic.

The areas as you move towards Shamshabad feature several rock formations and quarries with well-maintained greenery. The ORR Parallel Road is best for maternity, portfolio and couple photoshoots.

Charminar Area

Constructed in 1591, Charminar is a grand mosque, and a landmark in Hyderabad recognized for its beauty in the morning and evening when it is lit with all kinds of artificial lights.

The neighboring Laad Bazaar shines with shops of lah bangles, making it one of the most mesmerizing places to have a maternity photoshoot in Hyderabad. However, to get the best shots, visit the place early in the morning so the crowd is less and you can have a comfortable photo session. Maternity photoshoots in the evening can also turn out to be great here, especially pictures captured among a moving crowd, where the background gets blurry, and the subject of the photo and the Charminar remain sharp and in steady focus. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which month is best for maternity photoshoots?

While it is never too late to have a maternity photoshoot, the months between 7 and 9 are best. For the best results, you must plan your maternity photoshoot between weeks 30 and 36

What should my husband wear for maternity pics?

Follow a few simple guidelines when choosing costumes for your man to wear during your maternity photoshoot. Make sure whatever your husband wears for the shoot matches your outfit. A nice shirt and suit pants would be the best outfit for maternity pics.

Are maternity photos necessary?

Though maternity photos are unnecessary, having them can be a standing reminder of one of the most magical phases of your life when a new life is gestating within your belly.

How do I prepare for a maternity shoot?

Schedule your maternity photoshoot session early to avoid any tension regarding the venue or the photographer. Also, discuss your desires with your photographer to get satisfactory results. Make sure to get your hair and makeup done professionally.

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