6 Mehndi Photoshoot Ideas to Kick-start Wedding Festivities


The Mehndi function marks the start of wedding festivities in the house. 

It can be the day to sit back and enjoy after all the long days and nights dedicated to planning the perfect ceremonies or be another hectic event. It all depends on how well you have pre-planned for it.

A crucial element of the function is the photoshoot. Do you have enough Mehndi photoshoot ideas for when the bride, groom and family are having fun? 

We got you covered with 6 Mehndi photoshoot ideas (even if you’re coming here as a last resort).

It’s Happening

Most people seldom forget it, but Mehndi is the function where the bride gets hit with the feeling—“It’s happening”. It is a moment filled with emotions and it’s all on display as the henna artist is at work.

Capture the moment while it is fresh. Click pictures focusing on the bride’s expressions and candids while she interacts with their family & friends. 

Show it Off

Wedding Mehndi photoshoot ideas aren’t complete with the mandatory picture of the bride showing off her henna to the camera.

There are many creative ways to click this one. A close-up shot of the Mehndi-clad hands or legs is a great way to bring focus to the design. Another idea is to place the hands in front of the face and focus on the henna, blurring out the subject into the background. 

Family First

Family is everything. Gather all the members around the bride for a cute Mehndi family photograph.

The family members can pose by blessing their daughter as she prepares for a new life. You can also capture cute interactions or funny jokes when the members talk with the bride. 

Let the Gang Join in On the Fun

Time to bring the family you selected outside your household.

The friends are often as excited as the bride and groom around wedding time (can’t blame them, they get to dress up). This allows clicking the bride at her best, light-hearted moments. Friends can calm one down and bring the focus away from the stressful aspect of the day. 

Fun & Games

Mehndi function is a time of celebration. 

Most households play music and mini-games to ensure everyone has a great time. Be sure to click shots between these games. One can also use quirky props to get a few memorable pictures. After all, who doesn’t want to see a grandma holding “It’s Party Time” up in the air?

One with the Outfit

Brides often plan their outfits around the design and colour of the Mehndi, so why not get a photo with the outfit?

A short to mid shot ensures you get a crisp picture of Mehndi and the outfit. Another idea is sitting the bride down with their outfit arranged in a circular pattern. An overhead shot works the best in this setup.

Getting the perfect Mehndi photoshoot ideas is only half of the job. Without the right background and props, it would be troublesome to get the most out of these ideas. Fortunately, help is across multiple locations like Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore and Hyderabad in the form of Elements.

They have a breathtaking pre-wedding photo shoot location where love blossoms amidst lush greenery, creating a romantic and dreamy sanctuary for couples. Enveloped in nature’s embrace, their enchanting garden sets the stage for an ethereal fairy tale experience, as you and your beloved create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Who are they you ask? 

Elements is the largest chain of photoshoot locations with add-on services like multiple matching backdrops, costumes and props to help you get the best Mehendi photoshoot pictures. 

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How to take a picture with Mehndi?

We have covered a few great Mehndi photoshoot ideas above. If you need a few more poses, you can head over to our other blog about mehndi photoshoot ideas.

What is the caption for Mehndi design?

There are many options to choose from, here are a few to get your brain cells running
Traditional– After women, Mehndi is the most divine creation.
Instagram Special– Keep Calm & Put Your Mehndi On
Quirky– Forget Picasso, Mehndi artists are the real deal!

How do you plan a Mehndi event?

The Mehndi event must have a couple of henna artists besides the ones who will work with the bride. Other optional things include snacks, food, fun little games, props and music. 

What is the popular Mehndi colour?

There are no colour restrictions for Mehndi, however, green is chosen the most among the brides.

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