12 Cute Couple Maternity Photoshoot Ideas


Bringing new life into this world is a miracle and you, as future parents, should be proud. We understand the excitement (and nervousness) that comes with it and also understand the importance of this milestone. 

Since you might be busy picking out a name and thinking about which toys to get, we scoured the internet to compile a list of 12 cute couple maternity photoshoot ideas you could go for to immortalize this beautiful journey. 

Holding Hands

Let’s get the most basic yet one of the most romantic couple pregnancy photoshoot ideas out of the way—holding hands.

This shot symbolizes the love you have for each other which in turn your bundle of joy gets to enjoy firsthand. You can go for three variants, 

  • the close-up shot of you holding hands
  • a torso shot covering hands and the upper torso
  • the full picture 

You can elevate the beauty behind these photos by posing in front of a great background.

Hug from Behind

Another way to show love for the growing belly, this is one of the evergreen couple maternity photoshoot ideas.

A gentle hug from the father from behind is a must-have picture to have. The father can place his hands on the belly. Another option is if both parents make a heart with their hands and hold it in front of the pregnant belly.

Let’s Get More Excited

Time for the mother to take a breather and the partner to work overtime!

The next from our list of maternity couple photoshoot ideas involves the father ramping up the excitement levels for the photo session. Ideas include jumping shots of the partner around the mother, pointing at the belly mid-air, happy dancing around the beautiful mother and flying kisses mid-jump.

A Royal Miracle

Who doesn’t like a little dress-up? Yes, it’s time to get costumes involved. 

Dress both partners in different cultures and styles. From royal traditional wear to casual denim. The royal approach works great to get some stunning maternity photos. Apart from the costumes, you can use props like a regal chair for the mother to sit on while the father can stand behind, resting his arms on the top of the chair. Another idea is standing on either side of the chair with your baby’s announcement card placed on the chair itself.

All We Need is Somebody to Lean On

Isn’t that true? Embarking on this journey is the biggest symbol of trust among the partners towards each other. This idea focuses on trying to capture that trust in a frame.

The mother can lean her torso on the father’s body while he stands as the pillar of support. The reverse option involves the father resting his head on the mother’s lovely belly, leaning on their future who’s coming soon to bless their lives. 

Silhouette Shot

One of the most Instagram-able shots on the list, the silhouette shot is romantic, mysterious, and adds the wow factor to the pregnancy photo shoot. 

It’s a pretty easy shot to set up. Start by placing the parents against a bright background like the sun or artificial strong lighting. With the ISO set low and the flash switched off, the idea is to tell the story of their beautiful journey by relying on the shape of their bodies rather than the entire image. When clicked right, it can be an instant favourite among all the other options. 

Your Sibling is Arriving

Not your first rodeo? We got you covered!

In this scenario, it’s not just you who’s excited, but your firstborn too. They are going to get a companion for life with whom they can create countless memories (and fight for the remote). Include them in the maternity photoshoot by clicking a picture with them in the frame. Announce via a card or in their ear that their sibling is arriving and get candid shots of the reactions and process. Get the timing correct and you’ll have one of the cutest photos of the shoot. 

The Ultrasound

The ultrasound photo is one of the most loved in the list of couple pregnancy photoshoot ideas because of how emotional the parents get during this.

Click a picture of the ultrasound in focus and the parent’s hands in the background. Get creative with how the parents interact with the photo of the ultrasound and where the image is placed. A few options are on the mother’s belly, between the parent’s hands, in one of the hands while the partner holds the other tip, between the fingers during a hug from behind and one a prop held by either or both. 

Shower the Love

No, we aren’t getting anybody wet.

Gather the family members around the proud parents for this shot. There are many ways of showering their love on the parents and their unborn child. 

  • With flower petals in their hands, on the count of three release them all together towards the parents
  • Flying kisses aimed towards the parents
  • Blowing soap bubbles in the air and watching them drift on the parents like gentle rain

The best way to capture these is to switch to burst mode and check for the best one later from the results.

Twinning & Winning

How can we talk about a lovely couple in 2023 and not talk about twinning? Time for a change of outfit!

Ask the parents to flaunt the same color. Get creative with the poses and background, nothing is off the table. The same shade of outfits brings a certain symmetry to the images which gives the photographer many options to work with. 

Which Team are You Supporting?

A baby’s coming and as per tradition, the dad is going to recruit him/her to support their favourite team.

Regardless of gender, get a small jersey or any other token of the favourite team (or player) they will grow up to support. 

Have Some Fun

Sometimes the best thing to do is throw the rulebook out of the window. It’s the most beautiful journey you will take together as a couple, so why not enjoy the moment?

Amidst the hectic home schedule, balancing work and baby training, give some time off to the parents and let them unwind. Let them talk, read a book, work on their favourite hobby or perhaps just go for a walk. All these moments are perfect to get some outstanding candid shots. 

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What is the best color to wear for maternity pictures?

If you are aiming for cute pictures, we suggest going for lighter shades like cream, faint blues, white or other pastel colors.

Which month of pregnancy is good for photoshoot?

To get the photoshoot with a sizeable baby bump, it is best to aim for the 7th and 8th months of pregnancy.

How many weeks should you do a maternity shoot?

In terms of weeks, you can aim for a photoshoot between 28-34 weeks to get the perfect bump in all the pictures.

How do you style a maternity photoshoot?

There are many ways to style for a maternity photoshoot. We suggest keeping at least two options, a casual outfit and a dressier one. You can also go for the evergreen denim or twin with your partner.

How can I look thinner in maternity pictures?

Keep a close check on your posture and keep slouching to the minimum. You can also put one leg on the other to change the angle of the shot and lean a bit away from the camera.

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