Elements Costume Collection

Important :

Please view the items of each collection below. You need to book the items online under the “Photoshoots” section. As soon as your booking is made, our personnel will call you and discuss the size, alteration etc. Please note that Series D, Series A, Series L and Series S are from different locations so if you book across the series, you will have to go to different locations for your trials.

Series D Dress Collection - ₹ 2290 per piece (Deposit extra)

Series D Infinity Skirt and Indian Wear Collection - ₹ 2790 per piece (Deposit extra)

Series D Mens' Wear Collection - ₹ 2790 per piece (Deposit extra)

Series D Premium Collection - ₹ 4290 per piece (Deposit extra)

Series D Bridal Collection ₹ 6790 per piece (Deposit Extra)

Series S Pre Wedding Collection ₹ 3190 per piece

Series S Premium Collection ₹ 3490 per piece

Series A Pre Wedding and Maternity Collection ₹ 2290 per piece

Series A - Bridal Collection ₹ 3990

Series L Bridal Collection ₹ 6190

Series L - Men's Collection ₹ 2590

L Series - Party Collection ₹ 4590

L Series - Infinity Gowns ₹ 2290